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In the late Fall of 2011, the STC announced its charter Certification Program which was promptly followed by a lengthy and impassioned debate about the need, value, criteria, costs, etc., of the program. As I (Connie this time) watch the debate unfold, it occurred to both Al and me that the program would make a great subject for a podcast.  Steve Jong, the chairman of the STC certification commission, and a number of skeptical whirlers had been making their points very ably on the list, but the debate had broken out into several concurrent threads, and even an experienced cat herder would have had trouble figuring out all the directions it was going. So we asked him to sit down with us and talk about the program and the concerns raised by our lively bunch of TechWhirlers, which he graciously consented to do.

It was a great conversation, and Steve did a super job of going over the history (certification was a program nearly 50 years in the making), and explaining how the program was designed, its merits, and so forth. We published the audio version, and went about our way, planning to do a full transcription "soon."

Transcriptions are hard (at least for me), and there are always so many things happening with TechWhirl that "soon" dragged out for months. Luckily we finally found someone who could really do transcription well.

Fast forward to the STC Summit, where the first group of folks (8 total) were recognized with the CPTC designation. This seemed like a good opportunity to publish the transcript of that podcast, partly because it was chock full of great information on the program, and partly because you know us... we'd love to see another conversation happen around what happens next with CPTC.
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