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Win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with TechWeek Europe

Simply add TechWeekEurope UK to one of your Google+ Circles and +1 our profile page for your chance to win a brand new smartphone! Competition ends 18th March.
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Would be great to win one...
+1'd, shared and followed.... everything!
Tomorrow we will know who is the lucky winner...
Hi , Have you already published the winner of the Nexus?
Hi, can you let us know when you plan to announce the winner?
TechWeekEurope UK - Hi ,
I am sure i am not the only one here that wants to know why there is no reply from you as to the identity of the winner of the Galaxy Nexsus.
It has been already a week since the competition ended, At least give us some sort of an upadate.
I have sent an email to too with no reply.
The winner has been chosen as promised. They have been notified by email. Peter Judge
To be honest with the lack of reply and delayed responses from yourselves on both your Google+ account and via email, and with no guarantee that you have actually emailed a winner, I shall no longer be following you, reading your articles or sharing them.
I don't know if you guys noticed, but they wrote on their website that the winner has been selected and emailed. Sure they did it quite silently, no announcement on the home page.
I think they cheated on this, a cheap way to gain some free advertisings thru our personal pages. No official announcement = not believable at all. Shame on you TWE
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