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The Way to Web Presence
The Way to Web Presence

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What is solved by AngularJS?

Features of AngularJS:
AngularJs: Future

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Importance of Responsive Design in e-Commerce

Give a strong base to online marketing:
Improve rankings by generating search engine friendly responsive design:
Allow you to stay stable in the cut-throat competition:
Be the king of customers:

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How Firebase Analytics Enlightens You On Different Aspects Related to App Usage

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5 winning strategies for the Android App Monetization
• Advertisements:
• Classic Freemium:
• Upfront payments:
• In-app purchases (IAP):
• Subscriptions:

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Top Reasons to Select PHP for Web Development
• It is equipped with the newest features
• Well-suited to all the OS and Servers
• Open Source, Free, and User-friendly in nature
• Safety and Cross Platform
• Include numerous PHP frameworks

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Latest Trends in Ecommerce Web Design to Use in 2017
• Fill up the interstitial anxiety along with the previews
• Flat design development
• Bringing in hand-drawn elements
• Going beyond the landing pages
• Development in flexible and responsive design
• The raise of microinteractions

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19 ways for securing the Magento 2 E-commerce Store.

• Modify or change the passwords if you seek help from outside
• Always lockdown your Magento connecting manager
• Confine the admin login from outside IP addresses
• Plan a returning review of security
• Upgrade Magento and also apply the patches
• Credentials on Computer should not be saved
• Extensions and modules should be used from genuine sources
• Good antivirus should be there
• SSL/HTTPS must be used
• Stop potentially unsafe PHP Functions
• Protect files of deployment configuration
• Always limit unsecured FTP access
• Utilize a secure FTP
• Stopdirectory indexing
• Avoid MSSQL injection

More ...

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Best Reasons for selecting Shopify in 2017
• Shopify is reasonably priced and a breeze to use
• Endless design options
• Unmatched technical support
• Dynamic marketing
• Built-in Speed as well as Security for Hosting
• Around the clock security
• Mobile e-commerce
• 1500 applications formore functionality
• Shopify roundup
• Hosting and backup options

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What is New for the Retailers in The House of Magento 2?
• Totally a new customer skill for the Magento Administrators
• Development for Product Import or Export
• Quickerprocess of checkout
• Backend Scalability
• Latest Magento Connect
• Accessibility of Quality Swatches
• Easy Availability of Module
• The Improved Performance as well as Scalability

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Online shopping is replacing the physical appearance of the market. Buying online is becoming the preference of the people in the busiest schedule. No one has so much time to go outside and purchase from a limited variety. Online stores provide an array of varieties at one place and you do not need to go on different places to check out different varieties. #Magento stores are the base of robust mobile and #WebApplications and boost the online performances.
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