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Technosoft Solutions
Technosoft is an offshore software development company.
Technosoft is an offshore software development company.


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We, at Technosoft, have started to create an experimental SMART app that will fetch patient appointments from EMRs and create reminders in patient’s smart phone. In addition, this app will notify the hospital (or perform an auto checkin) when the patient arrives at the outpatient clinic at the time of their appointment.

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Technosoft has the expertise to design, develop and manage comprehensive HL7 interfaces conforming to the required standards, specifications and formats.

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Technosoft Soultions is providing one-to-many connection integration solutions to digital health technologies. We provide cloud-based technology platform that connects patient-recorded data from digital health applications, devices and wearable devices to electronic health records (EHR) systems, M-Health applications and to other health systems.

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Powered by good amount of experience in healthcare IT solutions, we create secure health apps for patients and Healthcare providers with boost in healthcare accessibility.

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Technosoft Solutions, a Healthcare software development and integration expert company. Developing solutions for companies develop Healthcare Solution for the U.S market. 11+ years of experience with US healthcare industry and health-care integration services.

Expertise includes:
- HL7, CCD, CDA, EDI, HIPAA Mirth, EMR, EHR, BlueButton+, m-health
- Custom Interface, Medical Billing, Laboratory Integration, Athena Integration, Kareo integration
- ICD 9, ICD10, CPT, E-Prescription
- MU2, MU3
- Android,
- iPhone, iOS
- Java/J2EE (Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Portlets, etc),
- .Net (, C#, WCF, WPF, etc),
- HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Honours & Certifications:
- An IBM Advance Business Partner, SEI Partner, Sun Associated Partner & mySQL Partner.

We have interfaced with Mckesson, HBOC, Cerner, Siemans, EPIC,, Allscripts and many other U.S healthcare systems. Also interfaced with EGate, Clover Leaf/Quavodox, Open Link and many other interface engines.

We are very well versed in HL7 interface development. Following is some detail about what we have built in the past.

HL7: In/outbound Scheduling SIU (S12-S16, S26), Inbound/Outbound ADT (A01-A36), Outbound Charges (P03), Inbound Orders (O01), in/outbound Results (Text, PDF, PS, HTML, JPG, and base64 R01) + Custom Healthcare: Billing , Results.

Expert in designing, developing and managing comprehensive HL7 interfaces conforming to the US healthcare standards, specifications and formats. Besides HL7, we also specialize in HIPAA privacy and security implementation. We are also a HIMSS Certified Healthcare Security Professional.

With the explosive growth of wearable devices, healthcare systems can now accurately capture patient healthcare data in a timely manner. If your software needs to receive data from wearable devices, we can help. We have integrated with cloud API based and direct vendor SDK based wearable solutions. We have integrated some of the most popular wearable devices in the market.

Having many years of custom interface development experience, have worked on over 20 different custom billing interface implementations, among others.
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Healthcare Software Industry

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Our Software Development Skills (Technology Expertise)

Our special focus on employee skill set and selective hiring process provides us with star performers in all cutting edge technologies. With this focus on skill set, Technosoft's force usually is not struggling with new technologies trying to find a solution for customer's problem. Instead, Technosoft's trained and capable software engineers and designers pick the right solution out of many possible options.
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