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Welcome to the official TechnoDepot page!
Welcome to the official TechnoDepot page!

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Dwyer Model DDM-01 Laser Distance Meter offers quick measurement of distances up to 229.7 feet (70 meters) with the click of a button. It is also able to easily make area and space calculations and volume measurements from what it records. Another feature of the Model DDM-01 is that it is able to use the Pythagorean Theorem to indirectly calculate the height of an object. The meter can read out in feet, inches, or meters and includes a backlight for use in dark areas.

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Testo Inc. offer a wide range of compact and professional data loggers. Testo offer a variety of remote data loggers including temperature data loggers, humidity data loggers and other precision monitoring and measurement instruments. On this page we catalogued the following series of data loggers by Testo at your choice and advantage: 
174 Series - compact and economical for humidity and / or temperature; 
175 Series - value and versatility with four different models and a variety of probe choices; 
176 Series - extremely rugged and accurate for the toughest of applications; 
and Saveris Series Data Recorders.

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UEi, CLM100 Cable Length Meter

The CLM100 benefits both contractors and distributors by measuring cable length on the spool or already installed. It's value-conscious design makes it very affordable. Special Kelvin Clips make it easy to use. Simply attach the clips to both ends of the cable. A built-in temperature compensation circuit automatically takes into account the temperature of the wire for an accurate reading.

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Airy Technology P611 is the accurate, user friendly handheld particle counter. Its large color display shows 6 channels of cumulative and different particle counts simultaneously. Airy Technology P611 saves up to 10,000 sample data in the memory, which can be reviewed on the unit display and/or easily downloaded to your PC via USB cable. 

Temperature and humidity can also be monitored with the optional probe. P611 complies with ISO 21501-4 and comes with a two-year warranty. With excellent quality and reliable performance, Airy Technology P611 is the best solution for professionals who validate ISO cleanrooms (Class 5-9) and investigate indoor air quality.
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Reed R2050 Thermal Imaging Camera

The R2050 is a feature packed competitively priced thermal imaging camera. 
The R2050 features a 80 x 80 (6,400 pixels) infrared detector that can detect temperatures between -20 and 350°C. Thermal and visual images are displayed on a vivid 2.8" LCD display and are saved on the included Micro SD card.
In addition, the R2050 comes with a 5.0 megapixel digital camera, 32X digital zoom and the ability to record video with audio.
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The MFC5150 HART Communicator

The latest addition to Meriam's product line of calibrators and communicators. Available in ATEX (intrinsically safe) and Non-ATEX models, the MFC5150 directly reads Device Descriptions without any translations or subscriptions, enabling communication to take place with any registered or unregistered HART device.

Standard Features Include:

Reads manufacturers' DDs in their native format from any HART registered or unregistered device, eliminating the need for translations
ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) and Non-ATEX models available
Rechargeable Battery with 10 hrs continuous, 20 hrs standard use and 200 hrs standby/hibernate
Charging cradle with USB connection
No subscriptions required

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Testo 830-T2 Infrared Thermometer Kit
[ ]

The Testo 830 is a universally applicable infraredthermometer for non-contact measurement of surfacetemperatures in trade and industry. Thanks to a newprocessor, and therefore better resolution, even moreprecise measurements are now possible. Temperature cannow be recorded to an accuracy of 0.1 °C. Thanks to themin./max. function, the limit values of the last measurementcan be displayed and even better monitored

Key Features:
• Laser measurement point marker and large optics for exactmeasurement even at greater distances
• Fast recording of measurement values at two measurementsper second
• Adjustable emissivity
• Two adjustable alarm limit values
• Good handling thanks to ergonomic "pistol design"
• Hold function and display of min./max. values

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Ideal 33-892 Securitest Pro CCTV/Security Tester

► Seven Essential CCTV Tools - Combines a CCTV video tester,PTZ camera controller,Digital Multi-Meter,UTP cable tester,video test pattern generator,PTZ protocol analyzer and camera programmer in a single compact package.
► Save Time & Money - Test,aim,focus and program cameras when working alone. Save time by not having to walk back to the control center to verify functionality of each camera.
► Compact Design - Combines all the most needed security tools in a lightweight,easy-to-carry unit. Sharp,bright 2.5in (6.3cm) color LCD screen with on-screen displays for PTZ control/diagnostics and DMM readouts.
► PTZ Protocol Analyzer - Compatible with 20+ PTZ protocols to test and program cameras in the field. Decodes and identifies output from PTZ console to aid in troubleshooting.

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Mahr Federal promotions on TechoDepot!
Don't Lose Your Chance and Save 5-35% on Eligible Items

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pH Meters, Specifications and Spheres of Use

What is pH and why do I need to measure it? pH measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity in a food, soil or solution using a numerical scale between 1 and 14. A pH value of 1 is most acidic, a pH value of 7 is neutral, and values above 7 are referred to as basic or alkaline. Acidified foods have a pH value less than or equal to 4.6. The proper pH of a canned food product can be critical to ensuring the safety of the product. It is very important that pH testing be done correctly and accurately...

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