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Sony’s PS4 Games Now Available For PC Users

Earlier this year, Sony had promised to feature a couple of PS4 titles in their cloud-based gaming streaming service, popularly known as PlayStation Now. PS Now is the gaming equivalent of Netflix. It’s where Sony packages the majority of their old gaming titles for streaming.

Yesterday, the company lived up to their promise by adding 20 PlayStation 4 titles to the PlayStation Now Library. And you can play all of the titles on this catalog either via PS4 or Windows PC with just a single subscription. You will certainly require a powerful gaming PC to make the most out of these games. And the good news is that even with less than $500, you can still lay your hands on quality gaming laptops.

Of all the gaming platforms available today, PC enjoys the widest range of gaming titles. However, there are a few titles only exclusive to consoles and other platforms and that has been their biggest selling point. But this won’t be going on for long because Sony has already opened the way for PC users to enjoy some of these exclusive titles.

Eric Lempel, PS’s Network boss noted that the company isn’t looking to debut any new content on the PS now platform. However, much as the games in the cloud-based service aren’t recent releases, Sony promises to add extra titles just as they often do with other monthly content updates.

It’s also clear that Sony did this to make the most out of their older games. Of course, it’s a move that will open another revenue stream for the company but on the other side, the move itself is bold and a sign of greater things to come for PC gamers.

Lempel also noted that the company is taking into consideration requests from users on other PC platforms, namely Linux and Apple’s MacOS. He mentioned that the company is exploring all the options available to ensure their content is available to a more wide audience.

The current collection on the PS Now service cuts across all the popular niches ranging from racing, action adventure, fighting to real-time strategy and more others. The titles include WWE 2K16, God of War 3 Remastered, F1 2015, Killzone Shadow Fall, just to name but a few.

Sony also mentioned that the cloud gaming platform now holds well over 500 titles. Earlier on, Sony had noted that on August 15, they will discontinuing the cloud-based service across multiple devices including PS3, PS Vita, Sony Blu-ray players, and Samsung and Sony Smart TVs. This is to allow more focus to be put on Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

If you haven’t yet had an encounter with this service, the company is currently offering a 7-day trial for your sake. And if you choose to go with the membership, you can take advantage of their $9.99 introductory offer which covers the first month and then $19.99/month thereafter or you could as well pay $99.9 for the entire year. You have until September 22 before this offer expires. Existing subscribers will continue to get new PS4 titles at no extra charge.

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Nintendo to Launch a Super NES Classic Edition in September 2017

Nintendo made public on Monday its plans to unveil an SNEC classic on the 29th of September. Many of us can admit Super NES remains one of the best video game systems ever developed. For the uninitiated, the original SNES first launched roughly 20 years ago and successfully sold well over 50 million units worldwide.

Original SNES classic

Late last year, the company did launch a mini version of the original NES and it enjoyed really massive success. It towered over all other holiday gifts one could ever buy. Unfortunately, it sold out really fast and despite the company promising to put in all the effort needed to keep up with the demand, the unexpected happened: Nintendo announced in April that it will discontinue the device.

However, there are still more reasons to smile because the release of the Super NES version lies just around the corner. Initially, the company laid blame on limited resources for what happened with the NES version and through their spokesman, made a solid promise to produce significantly more units of the SNES classic edition than they did with the NES classic edition.

With this release, Nintendo’s resurgence seems unstoppable and comes at a time when many investors thought the company was way beyond its prime. Every recent move including the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch have all turned things around for the company leading to increased sales figures and a renewed reputation.  Nintendo Switch has been viewed by many as a unique innovation due to its hybrid nature: a gaming system that doubles up as a portable tablet.

The SNES classic edition will ship between September 29 and December 2017. But Nintendo hasn’t confirmed yet if they intend to keep up with the production beyond 2017.

With over 63 million consumers worldwide, the release of the SNES classic edition comes as a special recognition of all the fans who continue to show massive interest in the company’s classic content.

Expect a total of twenty-one classic titles including a never-released-before bundle titled Star Fox 2. Other titles include Super Mario World,  Yoshi’s Island, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, Starfox just to name but a few.

Super NES classic controllers

The unit will also come complete with two wireless Super NES controllers. Shorter cables have been a huge concern for many but the SNES classic has a solution for that. Its cord measures about five feet long. Still, you can opt for aftermarket options if you feel the length isn’t proper for you.  You can as well hook the unit up to a modern Television through an HDMI cable.

More information on availability can be found here.

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Samsung Note 8 Launch Just Around the Corner

After the Note 7 crisis, we were all thrown into doubt as to whether Samsung would go on with the production of the Note series of Samsung phones. Their reputation seemed to be on the line and the question was “Will they risk another launch of the same series?”

Well, this led to the company creating an 8-point battery check system and other quality test processes just to ensure that all their phones never disappoint again. And to assure their customers that they can trust in them again, the company is set to release the Refurbished Note 7 around this time.

Away from that, there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and if the little information available now is anything to go by, this could just be one of the most advanced and of course pricey smartphone to ever come out of Samsung.

Top Features

Leaked reports show that the Galaxy Note 8 will adopt a dual camera design. Even though their recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus utilize a single lens camera design, there also exists images of the same model with the dual camera design. Whether the company may release an S8 model bearing this design is a matter of speculation but what’s sure is that the Note 8 will be the recipient of this new technology.

One major issue though closely related to this is the placement of the fingerprint sensor.  Of course the dual camera design will eat up into some of the place where the sensor could fit right so whether it will be fitted elsewhere or done away with remains a matter of speculation.

Nonetheless, the dual camera technology is an emerging trend and no major smartphone company seems to be left behind in adopting this most advanced camera technology.

No major changes are to be expected for its display. It will retain the same old 6.3-inch edge-to-edge expansive screen that the Galaxy S8 currently has. As for the RAM, the unit will carry a whopping 6GB and make use of the same processors currently powering the Galaxy S8 line (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Exynos chipsets)

The battery capacity takes a cut from the previous 3500mAh the Note 7 had to 3300mAh. The explanation for this is obvious. Also worth mentioning its signature S-Pen. This time it comes bearing extra functionality and with the enhanced split screen multitasking, you will have it easy making notes.

Release Date and Price

Venture Beat (VB) Reports that the model will retail for about $1000 (€999), and as I did mention earlier, this is the highest price Samsung has ever put on their smartphones. Whether the unit is worth the price is a matter we’ll find out after the launch.

There’s divided speculation on the launch date with some insisting August and the majority leaning on September. If it happens to fall on a September date, this will place their launch parallel to that of Apple’s next iPhone.

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Apple’s iPhone 8 Rumors Round up: 3D Touch, OLED Display & More

It’s barely a year since iPhone 7 officially launched into the market but there’s no stopping the fact that its successor, iPhone 8 is destined to cause more ripples in the smartphone space. 2017 means a lot to more to Apple because it marks iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

No one knows exactly how the company intends to celebrate this anniversary but it’s a sure thing there will be plenty of surprises. IPhone’s look hasn’t had any major overhaul for the last three years and this is one of the major surprises we all look forward to.

Well, some rumors are a quite far-fetched so we only intend to explore the sensible ones.


We have gotten used to the digit-based naming with on occasional S and a ‘plus’ next to it for the advanced version. For instance, iPhone 6 and 6S. But what we are name-guessing as iPhone 8 may actually turn out to be something else like iPhone X or perhaps iPhone Edition. No doubt the name deserves a change and we can’t wait to see the fancy name Apple will come up with.


The iPhone 8 is set to feature 2.5D curved glass panels. For the uninitiated, 2.5D simply refers to the slight curvature on the perimeter of the glass display. Both the front and back side of the phone will feature the said glass panel with a nicely polished stainless steel midframe sandwiching them.

Let’s face it, Samsung’s Galaxy 8 screen to body ratio was a marvel and a good number of us are yet to recover from obsessing over its magnificence. Well, iPhone 8’s snazzy True Tone OLED display takes this to a whole new level with its impeccable screen to body ratio.

An earlier report by Bloomberg did mention that Apple placed orders for about 100 million OLED display from its long-term rival Samsung. Samsung is said to be the only company with the capacity to supply such a huge amount of OLED displays.

3-D Touch

There have been dozens of speculations on this feature so far and chances that it could actually come included with the phone are almost at 90%. Not too long ago, Apple did acquire a small-sized startup from Israel named LinX. The small firm specializes in 3D imaging and the need to have a more advanced 3D touch module could have been one of the motivations behind the acquisition.

A report by Apple Insider also mentioned that TPK holdings, the firm that implements 3D touch on the current iPhone will be the one implementing the same on the iPhone 8 but at a higher price due to the complexities of working with an OLED display.

Dual Camera set up

At its rear, the iPhone 8 has a dual camera set up equipped with the capacity to change orientation between vertical and horizontal. A 2X optical zoom feature set to be featured on iPhone 7 plus will also feature on iPhone 8’s dual camera set up with additional new augmented reality (AR) features.

It’s not exactly sure whether the same features will be available for the front camera.

The additional of a wireless charging feature was one of the foremost rumors about iPhone8 to hit the web.  This was actually confirmed in a report by CNBC.

Release date and price

Since 2012, when iPhone 5 was launched into the market, Apple has been consistent with the date with which they launch every other new iPhone. This has taken place in September of every of other year, which means the launch date could just be 5 months away but for the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

Initially, there were reports that iPhone 8 was running a few months behind schedule for various reasons. So we can only speculate that its launch date will be held perhaps close to or just after Christmas. So this means you’ll have to hold on for about one or two months after the launch of iPhone 7s for you to lay your hands on the stylish iPhone 8.

Unlike the previous iPhone versions, iPhone 8 with its fancy display, an OLED panel, 3D touch and the few additional new features we’ve mentioned could shoot its usual prices by over 50%. The price could differ based on the storage, with the basic version (128GB) probably hitting the $1000 mark and the other higher version (s) going beyond.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a French gadget leaker known for posting iPhone rumors most of which have turned out to be true like the iPhone 7 Case did post a video of what to expect from iPhone 8. However, he was quick to note that the video isn’t 100% correct but you might you want to check it out below:

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WannaCry Fades, But Are You Safe?

About a week ago, a ransomware program by the name WannaCry bolted from the blue and disrupted the whole of Europe and beyond. It had organizations and PC owners alike jump out of their own skin.

Like every other ransomware before it, WannaCry demands that the owner part of with some Bitcoin payments before getting their encrypted files unlocked or to stop it from spreading across the entire work if you use a networked system.

It is reported that about 200, 000 victims spread in 150 countries were hit by the ransomware with fears that the number could go up if the targets don’t stay on guard.

Windows OS Most Affected

Experts believe that the ransomware takes advantage of a security hole in older and unpatched Windows versions, including Windows XP. This did really get the attention of Microsoft and despite staying on for three years without adding any official support for XP, they finally released a security patch for the older system.

Before the attack, Andre Avanessian, the Vice President of Avecto, a security software company with global presence, did warn that cyberattacks mostly target hospitals for the reason that they hold a huge amount of valuable data. It’s believed that such data is extremely valuable than even stolen credit card data.

That explains why NHS England was among the most affected victims and experts point to outdated software as the possible gateway.

A new data from Kaspersky shows that an estimated 98% of all computers hit by the said malware were actually running the Windows 7 operating system. Even though Microsoft had released a patch earlier on in March to offer a protection against such attacks, those who hadn’t installed the patch were vulnerable to such attacks.

Staying Safe from WannaCry and other Cyber Attacks

What was clear from the report issued by Karspasky was that having a recent version of Windows alone isn’t enough to cushion you against such attacks. What really improves your safety against such attacks is the routine updating and patching.

Whether you are a business, an organization or just an individual, it’s recommended that you always carry out routine updates.

Microsoft did assure users of Windows 10 that their version is the only Windows version fully protected from WannaCry. However, the biggest breakthrough against WannaCry come on Friday. A recovery tool released by Matte Suiche, the co-founder of Comae technologies, a security firm, can decrypt your computer provided you haven’t rebooted it or the computer’s memory has not be overwritten.

The publicly available tool known as Wanakiwi decrypts PCs that run a complete suite of Windows 7 and XP and also other versions such as Vista, 2008, Server, and 2008 R2.

So far the tool has received validation from Europol which is EU’s law-enforcement agency and there are dozens of reports that the tool actually works.

Here’s the tool in action

Alternatively, you can keep yourself safe from such ransomare attacks by having a proper anti-virus system installed on your PC.


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On Tuesday, Google dropped the first developer preview of its next generation mobile OS: Android O. Of course this came as a surprise just like it happened last year when the search engine giant also unexpectedly launched an initial preview of Android Nougat.
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If you love movies you will love Althananius Kircher. Don’t know who Althananius Kircher is? Well we thought he was a movie star as well! Turns out he is the inventor of the concept of projection. He made it possible for us today to enjoy the movie theatre experience when watching movies from the comfort of our homes.
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There are broadly three types of web project – a technical migration of placing content on a site (from another location); a site visual redesign; and/or a strategic repurpose and redirection. Within each of these umbrella terms are a host of other tasks,…
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It’s no doubt that Galaxy Note 7 is on its death bed. And sad enough for Samsung, other giant cell phone companies have just stepped in in time to fill the gap. Meet Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2, which has a resemblance not far away from Note 7’s. Although it will…
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Even for the professional photographer will have a hard time with taking perfect shots and crystal clear videos without the image shaking. Without additional gear it is very difficult to get perfect pictures “blur free”, it is possible but it takes a lot…
Best camera stabilizer for DSLR
Best camera stabilizer for DSLR
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