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Mac OS spotted "running" on a jailbroken Microsoft Surface RT
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I think that's technically closer to Mac OS X, Apple did have an x86 version of Rhapsody but it did not include the Blue Box (aka classic). 
Woooow....mantap .. :)
why not android? cos mac sucks.
Hackintoshes are so 2006. Why hasn't someone gotten iOS to run on it yet or heck even a Linux variant.

Personally I'd dual boot it with BeOS
+P. Warren Brown Yes by installing OSX onto a Surface you have proven the superiority of Apple. Wait what?!  Those two things don't go together at all.
+P. Warren Brown you should probly look at that photo again. The tablet is running Windows. It appears to to have a VirtualBox type copy of OS X running. While a bit of a pain to set up, it isn't hard to do.
Don't need to "jailbreak" it to do that. Such hype...
Everybody assumed that was Mac OSX ruining when it's clearly an emulated version of Mac Classic - it's monochrome! It may not even be the OS, how do we know its not just a screen grab?
Why would they add that to a crappy surface? Why not a epic gaming computer and see how fast it runs :D
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