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“The main drive here is to become more streamlined and to better execute against our goals for 2013."
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I didn't know StumbleUpon actually made a profit. Huh.
I love how companies do this, then claim it's to make them better, more nimble, streamlined, etc. Sometimes it works, but only to save money spent on these salaries. Usually done to get a company through a slow time, economy, loss of major contributor / account. I think that they have a good product, so I hope it works. 
irish d
Their recent mobile update is good. Doesn't run in the background anymore and sharing doesn't include the annoying SU bar with redirect which had long prevented me from sharing anything from SU. it's a good discovery engine and i wish them the best.
How can a company that does not make anything make more than it did before?  Isnt this just another rehash news regergitation site?  It reminds me of 29,000 of the new windows 8 applications.
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