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SCOOP! Holy wow. This is really good news if you're a Spotify fan or digital music streaming fan in general.
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I'm a paying Spotify user. For me the service is excellent.
+Paul Becker I don't have a problem with the service but i'd like some kind of library option. Maybe i'm missing something. I used to use the Music Unlimited app from Sony, worthless just like the company! 
+allen powers Do you mean being able to download songs to a smart-phone/tablet or something quite different? I guess I'm not sure what you mean by a library option.
+Paul Becker I mean being able to "add" songs to a library, a cloud based library that's accessible on any device that can log into Spotify. Like I said, maybe i'm missing something, i'm still in the trial phase. Sony's service is definitely history. Wish i could stream Spotify through my PS3 too. I'll figure that out though.
I'm a premium service user and it's awesome. 
+allen powers Yeah there is a lack of cloud storage of your local files. Kind of defeats having the option of playing local files.

Though for me Spotify is pretty good. I just hope that some bands out there that just "don't get streaming services" and refuse their catalogue to appear. Excuses like their music should not be able to download as one track, the experience is the full album. Or don't get not owning the physical album. Looking at Spotify now, just shows if they don't want want people downloading their files. Then, get on board for people to be able to legally download their music.
+Mr Mango Storage shouldn't be an issue. Anybody can access whatever is in the cloud whenever they want. Maybe it's something they're working on.
I was curious about that but only dealt with it once. Been signed in ever since. I figured they were linked 'cause that's what turned me off to the service before. 'Bout time they got smart.
This is good news. I used to use Spotify a lot but now I am unable to at my new job. So I have been using Amazon Cloud Player. Spotify is most bodacious for end users. My only concern is for the artists. Are they seeing enough revenue?
I want the ability to organize my playlists easier, by artist. 
+allen powers As a result of my subscription ($10/month), I can play my playlists from a tablet, my smart phone, or my computer.  I can download songs to both devices to play off line (if my 3G is wonky or wi-fi is unavailable).  I have a John Lennon song (Instant Karma) as part of my workout mix that Spotify does not have access too.  However, by having the song on my phone, the Spotify software adds it to my play list.  This song doesn't play from the cloud but from my device.  Is this what you're looking for or something different?
I just want the ability to access artists from a-z, folders (artists) to sub-folders (albums). Not via a list.+Paul Becker 
I'd like to include Genre and even Label to that A-Z listing.
I think they would even better if they ditched Facebook, they may see it as a way to "go viral" but so many people I know who are big music consumers want nothing to do with them because of the requirement for Facebook. Sure almost a billion use FB worldwide but that still leaves 6 billion who don't for whatever reason. I have to convince people to create fake FB accounts just to get them to sign up and that is just dumb (maybe they are social network luddites, but they are prime candidates for a $10 a month subscription).
They no longer force a Facebook login, so I may consider using them again.
+Matthew Gregg that's a definite bonus. Hard to believe there's not a dedicated library function for premium.
What would a dedicated library function do?  I wish they would let me upload my music (or do it by "scanning" like Google and Apple).  Either that or Google should buy them but I know that would piss off a lot of users just like if Apple bought them - although Apple certainly has enough money to do it.  The last streaming service Apple bought which I was using and very happy with they put out of business and were never seen or heard of again.
+Simon Waddington it would allow you to access your music that you've chosen to be included in your library. When I used Sony's music service (junk), I could choose to add a particular song or an entire album to my library. If I chose to access an artist and their songs I would just go straight to it and play it. I don't do all!
Hooray! Love spotify. Replaced Pandora and iTunes for me
+allen powers sounds like you should check out rdio. The service is a direct competitor of spotify but offers a itunes match like service as well. You can still offline songs but it gives you access to your entire library as well. 
+Jeff Metzger I've looked into it but probably but not as much as I should. Read an article the other day that put Spotify ahead of them. I've heard good things about them. 
oh yah teman saya adalah orang tukang kerja wc buntu,dgn ini saya mau ngasih doa utk kalian semuahnya semoga sukses selalu...?
I like it but constantly stops working. Needs more work before I pay for it. 
I use it on mobile. Is it better on pc? 
+andre Boutin it's good either way. I was asking 'cause you might want to clear cache, and or data on your phone. Uninstall/reinstall or even Google "settings" for optimized performance related to your device. It still could be that you need an update from them via your device.
Okay I will try. Thanks for the advice. 
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