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Here it is, the iPad 3 -- or, as Apple says, the new iPad.
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$499 for 16GB, 32GB is $599 and 64GB for $699. Sorry, no 128GB yet. If you want 4G it's $629, $729 and $829.
iPad is a shit. The Asus transformer Infinity, prime... are better with diference.
Haha don't all the Ipad 2 owners who paid the same price feel foolish.
Paid $499 for less product...that's Apple
cue Android fan's "look at me" posts.
Yeah, this offering puts Apple on-par with developments from other tablet vendors, but there's nothing here that feels like a major version bump on the iPad. I also don't see anything about Apple pushing into the space that Asus has been carving out with the transformer and other vendors are starting to explore with some permutation of phone/tablet/laptop (and probably soon to include TV, car dash, and who knows what else).
Once again Apple's new offering seems a little behind the curve to me.
+Aaron Sherman Not on a par, no ... aside from the screen. Quad-GPU A5X SoC <> Tegra 3 or Huawei's quad-CPU SoCs. Tegra 3 has 12 GPUs, Huawei's has 16! Apple deliberately trying to sound like they have something like Nvidia by announcing 'quad-core' A5X today!
Why do you tech guys always look at the specs as your comparison base rather than actual functionality and performance. iPad is so much better from that perspective.
N-core GPUs aren't terribly interesting for most applications. In general, the biggest change that they needed to add in order to continue to be competitive was the faster network. That was one area that Apple was really lagging badly.

But yeah, I don't see anything here that would make me change my mind on my next device purchase.
+Blair Warner you're not wrong, assuming performance based on number of 'cores' (CPU, GPU, or otherwise) is pretty dumb
+Blair Kunkel, that's like asking why you wouldn't buy a car that gets 1 mile per gallon since the seats are so comfortable...
They are lagging on innovation. Upgrading is NOT innovation. Let's see how the iphone5 turns out, and if it is just another "upgrade", then I would conclude they are going to suffer unless the get back in the forefront of innovation.
Performance s based on, well, performance. Albeit, Android based gadgets are tons better than they were a couple of years ago.
Meh, I'm more excited for the PadFone, new Transformer Prime and possible Nexus Tablet.
I guess Steve Job's death REALLY DID matter!
+Lee Walton Yeah, it's been quite a relief to see the reality distortion field dissipate.
Cook is boring. Jobs was like a cross between Emeril Lagasse and Ron Popeil, but was somewhat better.
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