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We we need to kill "big data" -
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Same goes for "e-discovery" or "electronic discovery" in the law.  The term needs to die.  It's all just discovery.  We just use various tools to address various forms of media that may be subject to discovery. 
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So how else to distinguish this? If its all just data and its all about the tools, how can one readily tell whether 'data' can be handled with a 'small' tool like SQL Express or a 'big' tool like Teradata? Data may be just data but should there even be a way to distinguish the volume of data that needs processing? That's why (I think) the term 'Big Data' is used.
Let's think about this.  How many rows of how many columns in a database (all tables) actually make it "big data"?  A million?  10 million?  100 million?  Where do you draw the line?
There are no big coincidences or little coincidences. There are only coincidences
Mark P.
"Big Data" refers to massive corporations that mainly deal in data, like Google. LIke "Big Oil" or "Big Pharma"
Big data is not just data, it is that data that can be transformed in Big Opportunities is bigger than data :-P
No, it's just data.  All data can be turned to opportunity.
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