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Want to use Google Maps with Siri? It's actually pretty easy with this trick. 
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i have an iphone 5 in korea. this workaround works moderately well even in korea, if the place is fairly well known (for example, if i ask siri to take me to seoul).
Weird, when I try that example the text that appears Siri understood is correct ".....via transit" but she repeats it back she changes it to Best Best Locksmith. Then it crashes
Apple must have discovered the work around and changed the logic in siri's programming to not allow it to work. I'm honestly surprised they let it on the app store to begin with, since they want nothing to do with Google.
Siri?..... Oh that stupid biatch who says maps are available on you location.....dumb.....
Ryan Ng
No. I hate Siri, she always messes up my directions.
Silly siri, your so naughty. Meet your man Google now. 
I have yet to have an issue with apple maps, and I've utilized it quite a bit at this point.
What they need to do is have the Google Search app be able to open all the other google apps based on voice input.
Aww that's stupid...oh I guess the bus driver doesn't know where he's going so he needs to hear your damn cell phone giving the direction! #fail
+Garry Williams I don't think you understand what transit directions are for. They tell you where the bus stops are and which busses or trains to get on. It isn't like it tells you what direction the bus is going to turn. 
The only time i ever saw anyone use siri was for laughs.
+Bill Fairchild you just made my case...why if your going to take the bus you need Siri for, or it reading out where and which bus you should take! All around its a stupid idea however you put it...
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