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Apparently no one learned anything from the Wii release.
Sorry, nothing about the Wii U said, "buy now" to me. I'll await to see what the other eighth-generation consoles have to offer and decide next holiday season.
Just checked ebay out of curiosity. The average price so far is around 450? Some are higher than that of course. Most don't have any bids on them either.
$5.....+Angel Garcia. That's funny because their at Target right now for regular price. I ask the guy how many they sold. The grand total is 1. Also it only comes with 1 tablet and no games at this time support 2 tablets. So if you buy it I hope u have 1 kid.
Every single Walmart within 10 miles of me has Wii U in stock right now. Methinks the eBay scalpers are going to have a lot of unsold inventory to move cheap soon...
The question is... how much is Nintendo willing to pay ME to buy their system?  Overpriced.
Wait. I stood in line for 45 minutes when the Wii was released and got lucky. I won't stand in line on a cold morning for this thing. When is Nintendo going to learn and release their titles on iOS already? I'd much rather play on my iPad. 
+John Martinez , that will be a cold day in hell Nintendo releases their properties on another system. They would rather shut their doors than to release a Mario or Zelda game on iOS.
I personally hope not. I do not like the concept of a single portal of how I enjoy my content. I want the market to have as many competitors for my entertainment dollars as the it can hold, because that drives innovation, keeps prices in check, and creates a more vibrant work field.
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