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Facebook goes down. The second big tech outage of the day...
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I was wondering why the world suddenly felt like a better place.
haha. ^ that was a great comment.
Facebook works too hard to keep up with google. :)
Oh no what will we dooooooo? :3
Obviously the FB users voted to have up-time and Facebook decided that they were wrong...
sometimes I think we are much better off without facebook...
Shame you rely on FB for comments to your articles TC!
I think it's funny I realized facebook was down and came here to read about it.
I'm sad after noticing that. :(
I think this is a shameless way to mask the fact that google was down...
And I was in the mood for a quick game. Oh well.
Yee gads no FB - life would be intolerable lmao xxx
If people back then could live without Facebook, then so can we! That's what I always say.
how will they go on with their lives? who will they inform when they got up, and what they had 4 meal? :D
whats next to facebook? Google+! :D
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