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I think that only occurs in the People app. Checked the API and did an example app.
Maybe when they patch it they can also fix the ugly new lock screen.
Lol... Ohhh God! What will I ever do if I cannot put my friends birthday in my device? Oh wait... maybe use my own memory? Possibly write it down on a.... PHYSICAL calendar? Good heavens what an idea! Looks like there will be an Android update sooner than we thought. Hopefully it comes with more goodies. Like... oh, I dunno.... this miracast thingy? Or officially add 720 video recording...
My favorite part: "Still though, would Apple ship something like that?" Update: "Apparently they did, according to our commenters."
Yeah... Google... that's kind of a big QA issue. Still, that will hopefully be patched up by a quick fix. I doubt it should be that difficult.
After update my galaxy nexus to 4.2 the hotspot doesn't work, someone have the same problem?
Fuck you Google my birthday is in December :-(
Diego D
Is Google getting sloppy ? 
LOL, I hadn't even noticed!

Maybe they'll release an early update soon.. 4.2.1 anyone? Hm?
Maybe it's one of those mayan calender things? LOL...
The world will not end on December 21th anymore lol
Good. We can celebrate New-Year earlier and get a month's salary for FREE. Thank you, Precious :-D
Android bad news here on Google+???

Maybe Apple got the patent on December...
OMG how did this get through the fox news like pro everything google news filter here @ G+
Leo T
Haha, Android LOSERS
Im sick to death of this iOS vs Android bs - who gives a fuck
Google will fix it
And the new lock screen clock widget is just that: a widget. When devs make new lock screen widgets, a new clock one will surely be made
You also cannot gesture type "sex" or "sexy."

Damn my idle hands.
Yesterday it seeme dlike this was a problem in Google+ events too...
So google has called off Dec....does that mean the new year starts after Thanksgiving.. and does this affect DST...;)
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