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I really don't like that, clearly avoiding facebook has become like dodging raindrops in a Heavy Storm, this Sucks!
I don't use Fakebook, Sarcasm intended now Instagram, not that I have much info out there, just the thought of crossing my info without my authorization in a democracy Lol !
Well, seeing how Facebook has become a haven for corporations, I would not doubt more users start coming to g+.  I myself only use FB cause of family and friends, cause every time I go over there it is flooding with advertisement posts(yes, I know I can turn them off).  Point is seems like FB caters more to what is best for them and corporations, whereas Google gives the people what they want.
Can anyone please tell me how to disable/delete my instagram account? Anybody? 
LuciO M
I never like them. I never trusted them. Never used them.
Rob A
im cool i have neither accts
And that's surprising exactly for what reasons? Facebook paid a hefty price for Instagram and keeping two separate entities whilst trying to integrate them makes little sense. People, just stop freaking out. You won't blink an eyelid about it, when our actually happens.
Agreed +Petr Faitl. I would've been surprised if this did not happen. Free products are not free. 
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