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I like it, I'm sure it'll be improved even further in the future also.
 Google is going to disable the background image for the homepage.  :(
somewhat on a tangent, but when a search is done for a recipe, search results have filters for ingredients, calories,etc in the sidebar.  Has that always been there or is it a new feature?
Possibly, Marcus, but in the case of their search engine (which is where this all started), it's absolutely true.
+Tyger Doyle oh alright. I guess you're free to use any search engine since they're all mostly free anyway. I'm gonna mute this post soon, so please tag me if you're replying to me. Cheers.
Tyger Doyle - So what are you using instead? I am very curious about that. Bing? :)
I don't use Google either.
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Nothing, Karim.  I have no use for search engines.
Techcrunch just removed my comment. Interesting. Is Techcrunch afraid of something?

Either way, everybody is free to live your own life, whether they include search engines or not. 
@ Tyger Wow, Google does not like people like you. It seems to be a new trend, that people are avoiding search engines . Instead of that, web users are navigating directly to the page they want to visit.
/Shrug.  That's what I've always done, Karim.  But I hear the constant advertising on Google can be aggravating, so if there is a trend away from it, then it's perfectly understandable.
love it! it looks super clean :)
I don't like it =( There is too much white space...
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