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Samsung sold 5M Galaxy Note II devices in two months. Did you buy one of the massive smartphones?
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...and counting, of course I did! Oh, and said bye, bye Iphone!!!
it nice new smart phone,but i prefer to iphone..:)
Yep sure have, just wish it would hurry up and arrive ;)
I bought one and it is replacing my Asus TF300 tablet :-)
It is a perfect device, but a little to big if you want to make long phone calls. This is a bit strange when talking about a phone, I know :-)
Jelly Bean and the s pen destroy IOS6.
I invite every iPhone user to try an S3 or Note 2 for a day or two. I am sure that the majority doesn't want to go back.
It arrived today.. amazing phone
Yes and it suits my personality and has all my needs. Thanks to samsung. They did a wonderful job.
this is a great device.. and the size doesn't bother me at all
It has pretty good battery life and the S-pen is very useful.
I did buy one and it is the best purchase I have ever done. It is a brilliant phone.
My wifes Note (I) is awesome and the Note II is even more awesome. However, my SGS2 is still going great. Looking forward to Note III (perhaps with an octacore BigLittle processor )
I can't see changes in the design. and that comes from Apple (keep the design for a while). Samsung can't just stop walking in Apples shoes. 
Got mine on friday. It's a wonderful tool. I switched from an old SGS and dont regret the decision.
It's gonna keep going up because I haven't got mine yet.
+Ashkan Aliloo I prefer a plastic phone that take a few falls (my S2 has fallen at least 6 times on the floor and only has a very small dent right in the corner to show for it) than a glass one that will be great for the company. Also I use it to the hilt  and I dont want a toy
+Robert Pepe , only idiots would call apple products garbage. It is quite fine to love another device, but to call apple products garbage is to show how juvenile you are.
I wonder how the sales of the iphone 5 went so far, compared to the S3, since it was released
Love it, love it, love it. Have no issue with the size, perfectly done.

It's not always about good/latest hardware, but the combination between them and a great OS which apple has done perfectly. they are good at making things just work for you.
+Ashkan Aliloo could  you elaborate on what's so great about iOS? And don't say the Eco-System, because that's a whole different topic... 

Apple's iOS is as outdated as a DVD player. I've had multiple apps crash on my iPad, except that in iOS you don't get a Force Close message, the app just disappears from your screen, like nothing happened. I'm not talking about third party apps either, I have Safari shutting down randomly almost every day.

Don't even get me started about the Home button and iOS' "multitasking" capabilities. I takes two presses of a button, a long press and a short press to shut down an application, as opposed to Android's 1 click and 1 swipe.

Apple even half-a**ed the stolen notification bar, the only thing it's good for is annoying people. You can't even disable/enable wifi, bluetooth, data or whatever without going to the settings screen.

Just to be clear my basis of comparison is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6, so I'm not talking about how crappy Android used to be 2-3 years ago, but how crappy and unchanged iOS is compared to the latest Android version today.
+Ashkan Aliloo At least we are samsung galaxy and android fans. When some one literally follows a topic it shows they are secret fans. So either you are a closet android fan in denial or there is some other reason
gah! do they have to keep making new phones! and can't keep up with them.
munju s
Yesssss...and its my best friend now!
An purely open source vs a closed platform......An OS which developers are free to do what they want vs an OS only developed by "artists".... developers from multiple manufacturers vs one small group of "artists" ...... the artist have reach a stage where they do not know how to develop anymore as compare to the open market who are full of ideas....
I do agree the fruit is a good phone that started the smartphone war.... but being an over rated or over hyped phone... I preferred to be a green robot...
Yes and loving everything about it!! Never been this excited over a smartphone ever since I purchased the first iPhone many moons ago.
I have had mine 2 weeks now and haven't got to quarter of features. Note 2 is awesome. Most of neat features have not been advertised. 
I had the Note 1 when I was on ATT - Loved it! When I switched to VZW, I got a Galaxy S3. Stayed on Samsung and the size is just right. Did not find myself using the pen too much.
Ryan Ng
Yes I did and Samsung is like a boss
Sadly I decided to pass. Already have an S3 which I like a lot. Would rather spend 300 on a Nexus 7 3G to compliment my S3 than over 600 on a Note 2.
I just bought mine on Saturday in titanium grey to go with my Galaxy Note 10.1 in deep grey.
I bought one for my wife and took over her S3.   Sold my Galaxy Nexus
I got it and it is simply amazing! The "hover" features are awesome! The screen is incredible! Best gadget I've ever owned!
I got one. Best phone I've ever used. From a productivity perspective, nothing comes close.
Hell yeah, I did and it's awesome! 
Pan Yu
No. Can't see anything special on it.
I still have the first note,when its time for me to get the gn2 the 3 will be coming out.
With a one year release cycle since the Note came out and a two year contract, you have to ask yourself... Am I an even sort of person (Note, Note 3...) or am I odd?
I am odd, so it is the Note 2 for me, followed by the 4, then the 6! LOL! ;-) 
I switched from iPhone to Note when it first came out but the whole Kies updating system did me in. Horrible! I switched back to the iPhone after that. If Samsung had over the air software updates I believe the Note 2 would be a great phone. 
For the past 4 years I had an iphone 3g then a 4. My kids had ipods, one now has a 4s. We own an original ipad and an ipad 3. I switched to the Note 2 and couldn't be happier. My wife and older daughter want to switch now too.

We have a couple of friends who have a similar history of Apple usage to ours. They have decided to go to the Note 2 when their contact s are up shortly.

I've never been a fanboy but have used Apple devices a great deal. My wife is a bit of a fangirl. Using the Note 2, and I imagine other Android products, seems to be enough to make some years-long Apple users switch.

The Note 2 a great phone/pocket computer. 
Yup got it. Awesome phone. I love it.
Going to get one when my 2 years contract ends in 30 days. I am getting rid of iPhone ...
Wanting to buy a samsung galaxy note 2 but just can't get around to android because of the nice apple eco system i have going. Before the iphone I would have lost my mind & bought without even blinking.
Dear when the hype is created for anything is dangerous .first do the phd
on the product you want to buy.And then take the action.
Loving my note 2, had nothing but fun since I got it three weeks ago. 
Traded my iphone 5 for the Note 2, im in love with it. I used to be a die hard iphone fan, but I have seen the light!!

Pre-ordered with Verizon, ships this week!
Ordered a week ago... should be here tomorrow!
Are y'all ever going to stop saying "phablet"
Matt EH
I have a Note 1 and love it, I'll upgrade to the Note 2 next year
Well i bought galaxy s3 and i'll buy this phone next year :)
Best phone I've had this far. Ultra fast, decent battery life. My phone (t-mobile) doesn't have the split screen yet, waiting for that.
I've had mine for a couple of days now and I absolutely love it! Every other phone seems so minuscule in comparison..
Make that 5,000,001. Hate Samsung for not releasing the 32GB and 64GB models in the USA but my techno lust won out. Adios iPOS and AT&T.
+jorge ellis I ordered the 64GB card with my Note II this morning. Annoyed that I'm going to have to apply a hack (from what I've read) to store my Goolge Music to the card though.
I REALLY wanted this phone but stupid Sprint waited so long to release theirs that I got the Evo 4G instead and 60 days later, they release the Note II! Thanks Sprint! Now I have to wait until May.
I got mine yesterday and got root this morning. can't wait to get the dock, install Ubuntu and hook it up to my flat screen. lovin' it!!
Advice Alert!...Buy Class 10 Micro SD Card for faster file transfer,which Samsung also makes Cant say that about cr'apple
And for Cyber Monday they are on sale for $199 (2 Year contract) but normally $369 and the S3 on sale for $99!
I have one and it's a top bit of kit in your hand. :-D 
Didn't buy one. We're still on the fence on a phablet.
Yup, love it and after a day of using it it starts to feel palmable
Im glad i made the a
Switch from apple years ago. The note 2 is a beast
+Ashkan Aliloo
Oh, you! Enjoys playing the fool with us, don't you? I see through your act: secretly owning good Samsung tech yet trying to troll this post... Naughty.
How do I know you are trolling?
Well: what would one of the sheeple be doing on a thread about Sansung tech?
You should be off somewhere in the iHeaven, navigating yourself by iOS6 maps.
You would be too busy to waste your time on us Samsung loyalists...
Bro ive been running with android and samsung for awhile now. I started
with the htc desire then the s2 note s3 and now note 2
Apple sold 3M iPhone 5 in a weekend. Moral of the story, no one cares. Unless you count those who have shares in either of these companies. Then a lot of people care. I digress. ;-)
Own it. Love it. Would recommend! 
Very tempting but went for the S3 . I wish Sprint would hurry up and put up 4G LTE in my area though
Waiting on Verizon to ship it, so hopefully I will have it in hand by midweek. 
I got one and few things peeps should note...a lot of the apps require Navigating via the back capacitive button which is counter predictive seeming on iPhone I used the screen to navigate in apps...

And btw you DON'T get 16gb storage! On mine it's just shy of 11 gib! And I've got next to bugger all installed!
All modern smart phones have very similar functionality including iOS android and W8. 99 % of users will be able to perform exactly the same tasks on all three platforms. I don't understand what people mean when they say that IOS is "outdated" and Android is light years ahead. Making phone calls, sending and receiving emails and chat messages as well as calendar music and camera works almost entirely identical. Yes iOS does not allow you to have "widgets", so if this is so critical to you go W8 or Android. I wonder how many people have widgets of on their desk tops? For most professionals I know and work with stable consistent OS that does not change every 6 months is far more important then flashy new features. I just hope people stop using the mobile for the purpose of self identity and just focus on the utility which is very similar. As far as the note is concern I have never seen any of my friends who own one bust out the pen. It does look like piece of 90 s tech. 
Can't wait to get the jelly bean 4.2 update, I went from note 1 to note 2 I am not used to carrying normal sized phones 
I use the note for its features not for self identity, I use literally everything on this phone, well except for the s pen which I doubt i will use
It's like leapfrog, apple made a phone that sold like nothing else and (cliche alert) "changed the mobile phone market and revolutionised the way mobile technology was made" (strong words i know) but now now those companies have used apples kick start to leap ahead and appear to be pulling away and apple now may have to play catch up before they fall over. (I have equal bias towards both company's so don't judge)
Got mine. Came From the EVO LTE .The Note 2 is the best, most powerful device I've ever owned. 
Got mine and absolutely love it. 
I actually bought the s3 a month ago, last night I checked out some videos about the note 2 and today I couldn't go home without buying it! 
i only had my s3 for 3 months before the note 2 stole me away
My experience from both s3 and the note are great. There motion sensor features are ahead of all smartphones. Althoug, I dislike the touch wiz interface for the s3 and the note2. #Nexus#PureAndroid always 
I love mine immensely.... Go. Samsung. 
Don't understand the attraction to a small table as a phone. Played with it - way to big for me.
Yes, i ditch iphone and loving samsung galaxy note II now!
Ken Gee
Just did on big red. Should be here Thursday. 
This phone defies what jobs said about stylus! Hmmm....I wonderr how the hell this phone infringes on any @$$e!L products?! 
I have one and love it!  After two weeks of heavy usage, it feels perfect in my hand.  Today when I grabbed my buddy's S3, it felt awkwardly small.
I did indeed, and it is the best on the market. Don't even notice how large it is but sure notice how small the others are..
Great move after hestory with iphone , Note2 is simple, easy, smart phone which is perfect to me 
Jay Add
Awesome phone and media device.
It will be my next phone as soon as I get a job (:
I have one. Very impressed.
I'm planning to get one.
Samsung is introducing the dual SIM Note 2. It will become doubly awsome. People like me are forced to carry to mobiles now and there are a lot of people who have not bought top end Android precisely due to lack of good dual SIM models
much needed feature
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