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Does this surprise you at all? Looks like Chrome has some catching up to do. What's your browser of choice? 
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It may be fast, but does it conform to web standards? No!
My browser of choice is still Chrome, as I am tied into the Google ecosystem, so it just works. It handles extensions/plugins better than most other browsers do, which is another plus for me. It doesn't surprise me to see the IE10 performance being so high, Microsoft has really been working on IE since IE8. For me, it just doesn't handle plugins to my liking.
"Hey Google+ users -- we know you're a varied lot, so tell us: which browser is your favorite?!"
Nothing to do with loyalty for me. I like Chrome's minimalist feel, it's fast for me, and I trust Google to push out timely updates.
Maxthon is my browser of choice, found it to be slick fast with a great UI! 
I'm still trying to find the PPA so that I can install it using apt-get.
whilst chrome is relatively quicker and more stable at times, i still prefer Firefox for add-ons
Is there such a speed bump that you could tell the difference?  I highly doubt it.  
Considering the current version of Chrome is 22+ I'm not sure how correct this is.
+TechCrunch Your stupid we are on like Chrome 22 with Chrome 25 in testing why would we care that Chrome 19 is slower than IE10? Oh did I mention that IE10 fails the HTML5 Test?
Just wait until plugins is installed on ie10. I bet it will suck as all other versions of ie :)
ow, there must be something wrong in there. I'm a Firefox user, but since I use Nightly, I know it's faster than the stable version, still for Safari not be in the Mac version, so there must be more in these results than just raw speed, huh?

Quite interesting for sure.
+Parvez Akkas nah that went belly up after MS integrated IE into their OS with windows 95 or 98 one of them. you can search it on Alta Vista if you want, lol
I installed Win8, booted up IE10 (thinking to give it an honest shot) opened up facebook and it crashed. Installed chrome and went back on my merry way.
Wait, what did you say? I stopped listening after you said IE. :)
Chrome , have been for a long time , since Firefox became slow and bloated, stopped using I.E. many many versions ago.
+Parvez Akkas I'm pretty sure Netscape died a well deserved death many years ago...but don't take that as fact....I can just see myself getting lambasted for being insensitive to dedicated Netscapers.

That twirly "N" in the corner of the browser haunts my dreams....and there goes half the globe....and here comes the N again.....
I think it's funny that all of the apple is browsers are faster than all of the Microsoft browsers. # applerocks
I'm dreaming of a world without IE E. Perhaps i'll get one for Christmas.
IE10 on Surface RT sucks in the performance department.
Check the results first. IE is only fastest when run on Windows. 
Internet exploder as i call it is absolute crap i have 3gb of ram on a 64 bit windows ultimate laptop and it still takes 3 mins to open and crashes every 10 minits motzilla firefox is the king of browsers! more plug ins more options user friendly interface and rarley crashes inlike chrome that often fails to load images!
haha these Google haters are ridiculous.
IE might be fast but its just not my type of browser.. I am now more familiar with Chrome, it just works smooth :)
Chrome is too slow on windows and is a memory need a 2g ram for itself......and metro chrome is a lazy browser and it sucks
idk about windows, but i am 99% sure that safari 6 is the fastest mac browser... and chrome 19 isn't available anymore.
Pseudo windows code:
Ryan R.
Internet Explorer = Chrome downloader
oh, it's because microsoft cut out all the security measures (that weren't there in the first place). Thats why it's faster
The IE brand is the problem. Simply seeing that IE icon makes me puke, too many bad memories (I'm a developer)

Accidentally opening the IE is like accidentally opening a public toilet lid, you turn your eyes away and try to close fast hoping you won't see shit.
Chrome is the only browser as far as I'm concerned. Being able to seemlessly go from Chrome on my Win8 laptop to Chrome on my Android phone is reason enough, but then there are 99 reasons after that.
Google chrome is the best and far better browser than ie. 
Haha reading through the comments - looks like ie just got farted out the water
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