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This suit is so stinking petty by Apple.  I have yet see an iPhone user that would even think about going to Amazon because of Apple's walled garden and dictator like control over their system.  
I wonder whether apple farmers have a case against apple computer for the use of the term Apple?  I mean, consumers could be confused right?  :o\

No one in their right mind would ever confuse the apple App store with the Amazon Appstore.  Didn't the court say as much already?  If so then why is this nonsense allowed to continue?
to apple: - litigate as much shit as you can in the court room, thats probably the only contests you are winning nowadays.

As for the real world mobile playing field , your reign is done. GO GET EM AMAZON!
Hasn't every decision in the courts been found in Amazon's favor? Any settlement should involve Apple paying billions in damages for their general asshatness and douchebaggery.
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