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Doesn't this web site belong to APPLE.
Site should be called iTECHCRUNCH
Jeez people are so rude. Cool TC. Getting the App right now. 
What about android...? I'm sick of android being left out...
With the new G+ update, if they ever release one for Android you can install straight from the post.
That's what following TC on g+ is for. 
In my opinion, its a pointless investment of time and/or money. I'm sure that the majority of people who follow you are following other tech blogs and they are not excited about opening 1 app per tech blog...because they are following "TECH BLOG" the place where we hope to learn easier and faster way to manage all this information...
Gee Vee
I prefer g+ community. Don't have enough time to run all those "cool" Apps one by one each time
Yeah! What about Android? Even Google made its G+ app better on iOS. What's up with that?
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