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jOBS: Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic to debut at Sundance in January -

Caption contest: go!
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I am really looking  forward to the wide release of this one. Ashton certainly looks the part
i Cjay
But can he act the part, i think that 70's show will pop out and then the gsme will be over.....
Taken from a lost "That '70s Show" episode: "Kelso Grows a Beard"
"In the future, I will make the devices on which you see a thing called 'tubgirl' on."
Will someone kill kutcher already,please?
Jobs: "i Farted on this keyboard. It makes the whole experience more human."
An impressive likeness.  I wonder, however, whether the movie will in any way accurately depict or even more than mention the other primary contributors of that era (Commodore, Atari, and IBM) to personal computing.
How does such a horrible actor land movie roles (especially awesome ones like this)?!  Oh, yeah, caption, "I keep this poster above my desk to remind me to . . . what's my line?"
I don't always look this good, but when I do I'm Steve Jobs
"Yes people, I do resemblance the world's idiotic person ever and it's such a shame... Oh well, c'est la vie, live and die..." 
"Do you want to sell sugared water, or do you want to join me and change the world? "

From "Pirates of the Silicon Valley". 
Ah the good old days of true innovation.
wow..very close look to the real jobs
Where can I get a haircut like that ?
If you don't like this picture, then you're watching it wrong.
These Jeans, They're are assless. 

it's a little sad that his facial hair is overly groomed, and what he is wearing all looks like it was bought off the rack at the GAP. Though he looks the part, I think this image is telling of the visual direction of the film, likely being done by people born after 1979. 

Which is all the more confusing as most of the people were working by the mid 80s. 
"Hey There, I'm gonna take you home and show you my micro.....chips!" *groovin 70's funk plays in background
I think it's brilliant! Looking over some of Job's old images, Ashton works perfectly. 
I smell a meme coming....yo dawg yo, I heard you like douchebags. Well we got a douchebag to play a douchebag being a douchebag.
bio pics r most often hard to watch due to slow pace... Waitin to c if this one scores..
I hope he has practiced his whining.
Im not only the president im also a client
+Paul Smith-Keitley he was always "shameless about stealing ideas" till someone pulled that shiz on him when he declared thermonuclear war.
"hey, baby, you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive" 
in the comparable jobs photo, he was looking at the camera from the side; substantive difference in character
A well placed background poster dictates what the producers should have done before casting Ashton Kutcher.
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