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Is an iPad mini on your gift, or wish list this year?
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seu xpz
i want ipad 4
nope Nexus 10 is on my list to replace my Samsung  Nexus 7 already went to my daughter.  It ended up being better than the Samsung 10.1.
No +TechCrunch it isn't.  That spot was firmly occupied by the Nexus 7, which I've already bought and see no reason to replace.
No thanks I already have a Galaxy Note.
Nexus or Kindle Fire, if i had to buy a tablet any time soon....
#NO why get that when you can get the Nexus 7, which is better and cheaper... 
Already have a nexus 7, much cheaper and just as good! :D
Yupp! I'm gettin one for my birthday and I'm super excited!
L Lupi
these are practically kindle fire knock offs
A big No for me. I choose to keep myself informed and will not be tricked by all those new adjectives +TechCrunch , +CNET and +Mashable use to describe the same old product. Unfortunately many will be tricked. I will be buying the Samsung note 2 as my first choice device and Asus nexus 7, if i can afford that too. 
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