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Looks like Blockbuster is gearing up to sell mobile phones alongside Milk Duds.

How many of you would buy a mobile phone at Blockbuster?
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People still go out to rent movies from Blockbuster?
This reminds me of the time ESPN tried to sell its own mobile phone. 
I thought Blockbuster went bankrupt and didn't exist anymore? Anyway, I would't.
There are still physical Blockbusters? I have not seen one in years
That's like buying a phone at radioshack to me. 
I love some people's shock of Blockbuster still existing and there being physical retail stores. Aha. But it's true, it's a dying brand, I don't shop from there and I don't know anyone that does.
That's how you know they're desperate.
You know you feel old when you know what Blockbuster is or was and then kids only 3 years younger than you don't even what it is, sigh, I feel old and I'm only 17.
Maybe Blockbuster can hire Mitt Romney as their spokesman. That would be a match made in relevance heaven.

Plus Mitt has all the time in the world to watch as many DVDs as he wants.
I can't think of a Blockbuster location that is still open to even consider buying a phone there.
I wonder if the Blockbuster phone will block the Netflix app.
Dish network owns blockbuster... and yes folks still rent dvd's... especially those of us old enough who remember vhs/beta max & 8 tracks/LP's/and casette players =D
oh and who can forget those day before cell phones when there were pay phones on every corner
Mobile phones seem about right. It's the step before selling Auntie Anne's, extended warranties on tires you bought someplace else, and offering 2-for-1 Snuggies on clearance. Oh, and they still have pre-packed popcorn and cotton candy. 
More like who walks into a video store? Red Box all the way.
I see nexus 5 being sold there if ya rent all the Harry pooter movies.. Lol 
Oh my God I worked for this company for a bit what a freaking nightmare it was. Yes yes yes selling cellphones is a desperate craked out attempt at staying afloat. why don't they just go away already did they not notice Netflix rules the world of video rentals Jesus Christ someone has to spell this to them.
Blockbuster was pitched what would become Netflix and literally laughed them out of the room. Serves them right.
The phrase "all things to all people" comes to mind...a flawed strategy to say the least. 
What next, Netflix vending candy bars alongside dvd rentals
Blockbuster still exists? LoL
as if U didn't see this coming...
The last brick and mortar Blockbuster in my city is now a premium mattress store. 
A salutary lesson for successful companies about the need to innovate while they are still successful. Christensen was right about the innovator's dilemma.
+Thomas Terence maybe Obama can get some dvds there to give away to foreign ambassadors. He's an expert at that and nothing else. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up. Why does everything have to be political? ?
+Thomas Terence, I doubt if Blockbuster will actually create a new phone or mobile OS. Sounds like they will become a reseller of already established phones. Probably, low-end to mid range Androids. Kinda like how gas stations and convenience stores sell Net10, Boost Mobile, etc. 
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