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What do you think of Alicia Keys being BlackBerry's new Global Creative Director?
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+Nate Swanner
Aw don't be mean, they're trying so hard - giv'em a break.
The investor's punishment is bad enough...
Desperate ploy on RIM's part. They're dead in the water.
It's a good step towards devaluating a brand so it's more appealing towards the cheaper segment. Unfortunately RIM isn't a brand such as HTC, and their customers are more among enterprise and business, and everyone who wants to be a Big Business kind of person. 
+Nate Swanner It would only be good if they make a truly competitive product that forces everyone else to be better and, moves like this, quite frankly, just confirm that they're past that.

Stick a fork in 'em.
Dave C
She is only their spokesperson until the checks stop cashing.
BlackBerry and Nokia are trying hard, really time is changing!
Who's Next?
Funny, since she still Instagram like a feen, which is only on iOS or Android. 
Standard throw-away celebrity endorsement. Nothing more.
+Cole Longó Not likely, the enterprise is clearly moving towards iOS/Android. Blackberry's boat has sailed...
Just goes to show what a handsome paycheck can convince people to do.
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