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Flightcar sounds like an awesome idea.
No, few regular people would be dumb enough to rent their car to a complete stranger, and any start-up that claims to offer a premium product or service will have a problem finding a large enough customer base to grow beyond the start-up phase..
LuciO M
Nah, taxi does it for me. Come pick me up,stupid. Here's $20. 
Definitely agree with +Trevor Sutcliffe on this one - this is a clever idea in theory, but unlikely to get traction. I pay a rental car company for a relatively recent car, and while cheap, I know it will be safe for me and my family to spend our holiday in. Likewise, I would not let a stranger near my own car - can you imagine the headache you would have to deal with if some clueless numpty destroys your pride and joy? Let's face it, a car is probably one of the most expensive things most people own and while rental companies can take a calculated risk with their leased fleet, I'm not willing to do the same with mine. Sounds like a failure before launch to me.
I would in now way allow a stranger to drive my ride. I even think twice allowing the Mrs's to drive it.
I am looking for chauffeur driven car rentals that pick me up right from the plane a la important people
Sorry will not rent my car out to anyone!
I don't have any issues with the current rental system. You pre book the car you want, arrive at the airport where someone stands there with your name on a clipboard, you are lead to your car, you provide a copy of your driving license, sign an insurance form, and off you go. 10 minutes time, maximum.
Patience is a virtue!
For everyone who says that no one with sense would rent out their car, look at air bnb. 
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