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Meet Vine. Twitter's grand solution for sharing video. -
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Or ... you can just record video the normal way and upload directly to G Drive without any hassle.
Seriously, this is a solution looking for a problem.
For nasty iOS ONLY first. Thats not cool!
+David Robinson Even Google doesn't care about it's platform. They release Youtube capture on iOS only. 

So expect other companies to follow the same.
+Hiral Vora To the contrary, Google released the Capture app on iOS to make it easier for iOS users to share directly to YouTube from the app. The current video iOS app did a poor job making this easy. On android, sharing to any service, YouTube included, is extremely easy to do and built right in. That's why they didn't release capture for Android. Android already has the functionality. iOS is gimped and needed help. YouTube
+Christopher Ferguson I agree with you regarding ability to share easily on Android.

But I would argue that if they just wanted to allow iOS user to easily capture and upload a video then they should have done within the Youtube app. 

If they make a separate app for iOS only then Android users are going to fell left out.
But +Hiral Vora is correct since chrome im pretty sure was released on ios first before android
I'm really glad that I use the old TweetDeck that won't support this.
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