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Twitter suspends Anonymous' account, things escalate quickly.
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No one should have to fear anyone. These guys are clowns.
If that account is suspended, then I guess a lot of businesses should have theirs closes as well, maybe also a lot of politicians and maybe everyone who has a different opinion than the government just to be sure? Or...
How long before Twitter "mysteriously" crashes? 
oh so twitter decided to declare war against a hactivist group. pretty brave.
but why? I mean I am not in favor of what they do but I was happy to hear they were going to hack that stupid church picketing in those poor little children's funerals!
Get a bag of Popcorn, this could be good..
Anonymous can't take Twitter down. They tried(or threaten to) take down Google and failed, Facebook several times and failed, Twitter would be no different. They are mostly talk and no action. This isn't news worthy until then.
move along, story's over.. YAN account has been restored by Twitter
Anonymous is just a group of skids unable to take responsibility for any actions they do. A group for cowards willing to buy their way into what they think is "hacking". 
Annnnnnnd, that was the end of Twitter...
Continuing, Anonymous mostly works DDoS, nothing server side. 
I still don't know why they call it a Hacktivist group. DDoS is not really hacking.


I don't necessarily agree with all Anon does, however, there's many other companies doing a bigger wrong than Anonymous does. Scoffs I mean, really...
Mark P.
+Victor M. Chico To them, changing an ID number in a URL querystring is considered hacking.
I don't think it is "them" who have taken upon the title of "hackers." It goes against the principle, if anything, to do so.
Brave. Not the sort of people I'd want to annoy. 
No escalation. I think +Anonymous knows why it was taken down there. It's the right move by Twitter. I generally support Anonymous' political and social beliefs, but I disagree with how they sometimes force private information (the same information they try to protect in other endeavors) for the public to abuse.

I have faith that Anonymous will simply move on, and a new Anonymous-like twitter feed will be started shortly. Anonymous generally has good will towards Twitter, as it helps them publicize their actions. I doubt they'd do anything to seriously obstruct themselves in this regard.
Censorship is a violation of the 1st amendment. Doesn't matter if it an organization or person. Twitter has to prove they violated the terms of use otherwise it is censorship. They don't need to take down Twitter, it will go down on it's own anyway. 
A multi-national based site doesn't need to follow the constitution. 
They do if they are based and operating out of that country. Just like any other law the government would pass that has any impact on someone conducting business on the internet. 
I'm pretty sure the freedom of speech doesn't extend to the freedom to use others equipment and services to do so. It's not like I can put a poster on your living room wall and sue you if you 'censor' me by taking it down
You have freedom of speech, but it does not extend to forcing people or business to provide means or assistance. Twitter has the full right to censor their systems.
Mark P.
The first Amendment restricts the GOVERNMENT in what it can do.
no wonder i haven't seen anything from them in a while :(
Ummmm, watch this space. I am sure I hear the clatter of wobbly knees....
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