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So far I really like it. It's still quite "Google" which leans towards people with a fair amount of technical know-how, but since I'm one of those people I can dig it.
honestly it's starting to look a little face-bookish....but i like :)
its faster, stylish, user friendly, nd simple luvd it <3
visually appealing. but t seems that the effective content viewing area has decreased.
The stream needs more room and comments need a different color shade.
Does not look great ok larger screens but the feature set is good
Well, I'll admit I don't spend a lot of time here mainly because it doesn't work great on my ipad. But I like it; it's definitely similar to Facebook but get it time Facebook won't look like itself in a few weeks....
The content viewing area could do with expanding, but other than that, it is a step in the right direction.
Looks great, been using it all morning and discovering new features.
and you need additional 4GB RAM and second GPU to enjoy new look...
Definitely an improvement. Sets it apart form Facebook.
Truly into it, love it. Maybe to much noise on my screen compared to the old design, but overall I can't complain, I like the change.
Google+ is becoming more and more what Facebook should have been, but either couldn't or wouldn't.
I like it. Most of all, changing order of icons on the left hand side looks nice.
Much better. Love it. The offset 2nd column (Trending, etc) makes separation clear, and the whitespace leaves nothing but focus on the content you are after. With that and the grey'd buttons/apps on the left, the visual noise I had to navigate my eyes through is mostly gone. Beautiful update.
how is this in any way similar to facebook's design? it's leaps and bounds better than what fb is offering. with that said, i'm not a fan of the shifted stream to the left, gray comments, and the extensive amounts of whitespace.
Love it. I agree with many of the comments advocating the content get a little more breathing room on larger screens.
I like it. Though it'll be interesting to see what the old Milk team make of it. I guess they've been brought in to look at the next design after this.
It's good, I just struggled a bit trying to find where to write my first comment :D
Indeed, it's interesting. But the access to circles is now less obvious. I turned into a more facebook-like experience with the "main stream"
Very different, will take some getting use to! But overall i'd say I like it!
It's fine, except for the chat on the right hand side, which is a waste of space for me. Everything seems a little squished together but it's not much of a complaint. Just wish I could hide the chat bar.

P.S. Maybe it's just me but G+ keeps hanging up on me. It happens when I click on a link to open in a new tab.
the only problem is that the comments blend too much with the background.
gray comments on a gray background. wow.
Has anybody else noticed that it's a bit buggy btw? It crashed chrome on my Windows 7 and took 300MB of memory..
This new UI is terrible. Too much dead white space and the stream awkwardly pushed to the left... It feels like there was a need for more user testing and one more iteration.
I don't understand how anyone can say it looks more like facebook. It looks less like facebook than it did before; it looks like nothing like facebook now.
+Andrei Paciurca

1. unnecessary whitespace
2. stream is not centered
3. looks confusing
4. looks unprofessional
5. cluttered
6. especially the big and colorful icons in the navigation bar look very childish. as if they were designed for infants..

It reminds me of the Linux Desktop "KDE", which I also don't like.
This is what Google+ should have looked like from the beginning.
+Tony Buttafuoco it is like facebook because of chat, in the gmail, and old g+ chat was from left, in the facebook it always was at right, now chat is at right here too...
But I think somehow this look is more user full than the old one, just because google made it :D
+serg hov yeah fair enough, I didn't notice that - you're right, but honestly, I actually don't like how that is on facebook, and yet I don't mind it the way it is here on g+ along with the rest of it. I can't really explain why I don't mind the way it looks here but not on facebook, but I think it works (ie. without looking ugly/in your face).
+Muhannad Ajjan Yes, same here. I'll try logging in on our newer touch screen PC but, on my poor four year old Vaio laptop, it keeps crashing.
There is a lot to like on the main. But a few omissions in my opinion. Like the share options to twitter and Facebook. Plus the reply to author option
Well, redesigns are always hard to absorb for users. Right now, I am not impressed. Big shift. I think it's easier when its smaller changes more often, but I am sure Google thought it through and had good reasons behind every single pixel move.
+Gary Trudgett would you convince Zucky to accept the vice versa ? :p ... or Apple? :))) As for twitter, you already have it here... just use # @ or + to create tags :p
having said that, I'm not in total defense of it either - the whitespace was clearly not checked on a 1900x1200 resolution. to have the whole middle third of the screen just be whitespace is a very amateur move. hopefully they get onto that right quick. You can actually see that it looks great if you condense your browser window's width.
I kind of feel Google should skip all the hangout buttons and use that large empty white space with some giant text that says "start a hangout! do it now!" - or at least thats how the new design feels in regards to that ...
+Tony Buttafuoco I am confident they will sort it out as it the only bug of this change ... so far and clearly stands out from the other social networking websites... going vertical is much easier for me... :)
The chatting window that pops out slots nicely into the empty white space...without interfering with the content stream !!
Too much white space on the right side for those of us using large widescreen monitors.
I think is great! But yes, the white space is kind of annoying...
@Ed Gutierrez..ya really it is annoying ..they could have some light colors there
Wish Google would allocate some assets into making a G+ app for Windows Phone instead of fixing something that, IMO, wasn't broken. And, my iPhone G+ app has been freezing all day whenever I tap the "+". How ironic!

Layout is OK but I want to see 10 posts per page, not 1 1/2. Much too much scrolling required. Everything needs to be compacted horizontally. Post section should take up the majority of the screen, not only 1/3 of it. I assume there's a bigger plan in mind but, if this is an indication, I'm scared to know that that is. Bottom line = you get what you pay for. :)
I think they're trying to keep the width of the stream consistent, which matters when you can use markdown type styling.

But I agree that as you scroll down, there's way too big of a gap to the right of the stream.
Wow haha somehow I never noticed the gap on the right
But I'm loving the new look with the auto updater
Consistently crashes on the iPad 3 when using the desktop version with Safari and Mercury browser. 
I like it. Hopefully hangouts go in the white space. :)
+Dumitru Furnea I like Chrome, but currently, Andriod on a tablet is almost unusable. I gave away 2. Google+ needs great iPad support, in an increasingly tablet pc world.
+Chuck Boschen I doubt Google would go on iPad as they want to unleash the power of the #googleglassproject in the near future. I think Samsung does a good job to support the android market on their tablet #galaxytab which I hope will improve a lot as the android app market has grown hugely in the last year. I personally don't like the apple products but there you go.. it's a matter of preference isn't it?
I like it. You are starting to see that Google is integrating everything into one place. Being able to do anything from Your Page.
+Chuck Boschen what Android tablets have you used? I use my Xoom instead of a laptop because it's so easy to work with. I would really like to know what you're referring to...
Hope they update the mobile App soon because is a little..blah. Sorry for the technological term.
This redesign is cool! cleaner with more dinamic elements. It seems made especially for tablets. Here in Peru, most of profiles has been updated and our company´s page has already its new avatar and cover. Regards to you people in +TechCrunch
It looks amazing, and hope there's more to explore in the Explore tab
IE: Top navigation bar moves out of screen, no hangout column on the right, left button bar moves with scrolling - Opera: Everything moves out of screen on scrolling and no hangout on the right side - Chrome: everything works as intended - time to liquidate the W3C?
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