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2012: The year crowdfunding was kickstarted into the mainstream -
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It must be so horrible for the "Progressives" to see plain old Capitalism working so well. Crowdfunding, Micro Finance and the Village Market prove Capitalism creates freedom. That does not mean nearly half the people now in Wall Street and running Banks should not be in Jail for the Mortgage fraud that broke the world economy. 
+Warner Carter
Uhh, I believe the entire point of Kickstarter et al. is to grant all those baad little "progressives" an avenue to get their art/music/idea making some money. The need for money does not automatically make one a hippy-kicking capitalist. 
Crowdfunding... Empowers the Innovators!!!
If normal means of funding don't find the cool stuff, then Kickstarter is necessary....
When a man can run most of his presidential campaign through crowdfunding its pretty impressive!
I will never be a backer on kickstart again. Too many people who are simply not prepared enough for their projects to be completed anywhere near the time they estimate. 
If by progressive you mean liberal than you're right, buy last I looked in the dictionary progressive is the very definition if what is happening here.
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