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$100 to message Zuck? This is an an A/B test of different messaging price points, not a sign of Facebook's desperation.
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Charging for messaging is the first sign of desperation, not the price point....must be tough putting a price tag on other peoples privacy.
WGAS, why waste a 100 bucks so Mark or any other celebrity can just ignore the message in their inbox. 😒
So I tried this and spent $100 sending a message to Mark Wahlburg but ended up with his  PR person. So do I get my money back now?

/none of this is true
Not desperate? What's wrong with this picture? Sounds very desperate to me.
Disagree. Facebook is desperate. If Google did this with Gmail, you'd call it desperation in a heartbeat.
I'll pay him $100 to kick him in the nuts. 
+Eli Fennell With all due respect, they have almost a fifth of the world's population, the stock price has quietly recovered half of what its lost since IPO, and they keep launching products that will make them a ton of money. Few are leaving because that doesn't work unless their whole social circle leaves. And I don't even like Facebook -- I've never even started a profile for myself or for +Spacelab Magazine - Indie and Electronic Music + I have no qualms with Gmail or G+ either.
+Spacelab Magazine - Indie and Electronic Music depends on how you define "a ton". Amazon and Google both make a hell of a lot more revenue than Facebook. Market share alone doesn't mean everything and I see no evidence that they are on the tip of any revenue icebergs. People not leaving and people being happy users ready to embrace an expanded product ecosystem are not the same thing. YouTube alone is close to making as much revenue for Google as the whole of Facebook. Just because someone buys stock doesn't make it good.
This is restarted. FB is not getting any money from me for sure.
Not desperate... But maybe... Just maybe... GREEDY is the right word to replace desperate.
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