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Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom tries to explain TOS and privacy questions
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Too late. Your tricks ain't gonna work.. - - - > Instagram. 
Monitize this (CG _*) ... tell Peter his greed is showing.
Tries to explain... and fails. Bye bye Facebook/Instagram. You shall soon find out what it is like to be without customers. Greedy idiots.
Whole thing was a media ploy. As usual, tech newsies bought it and spread the hate. 21st Century marketing tactics are incredible and FB is a master. I've never had an Instagram account and certainly won't after this stunt. G+ works fine for me...for now at least. 
Deleted my account today along with a few other people I know. 
Simply stupid,you can chatter as you want,you lost the moment,thanks Zuckeberg and your greedness.Customers are not yours,their interest takes them to you till you make feel their persons respected.Now they're gone.Happy Good Fail.
Nat J
#Instagram cant talk their way out of this one. They joined the dark side the day they sold their souls to #Zuckerberg
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