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In my opinion, __________ has the best photo filters.
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Hipstamatic for paid, RetroCamera Free for free apps. ;-)
Post-processing, people! You're killing the bits!
instagram shits all over everyone else in terms of filters and UI. 
PIXLR EXPRESS, why? The UI destroys anything else, there are tons of filters/overlays, and it also has some core editing (contrast/brightness/white balance etc) features as well.

Snapseed beats Pixlr/Instagram for core editing, but to filter pictures, it sucks.
+Jonathan Yao Hoya is great too just didnt come to mind at first lol but I would have to say Hoya is probably the best
Snap seed. Can't compare to Photoshop and gimp but...
I simply don't get this filter-mass-psychosis.
I want photos to come from my camera (whether it's a DSLR, point and shoot, or a phone) untouched. If I want to apply a filter, I'll use Photoshop (as I mentioned above)...

...and usually, I prefer photos to be more editorial, the less manipulation the better they tell the story. If you want to take pictures that look distressed, etc, shoot film. There's a Holga out there waiting for you...
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