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Cube26 turns your face into a TV remote
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Seems terribly silly for situations when you are talking with some friends and gesturing in front of the TV
Lol, I thought she asked the one that took the pic to be quiet cause she was watching tv. :P
"Honey, where did you put the TV remote?"

"It's on your face, dear!"
This has pretty horrible downsides compared to a traditional remote...
Not to say there aren't upsides, but, I don't want it.
+Kevin Harris couldn't possibly use less battery than your current method, so it's useless for power saving
that is the place I say, "when technology gets crazy for a moment", I don't say "it can't happen, won't happen or impossible", that's what they said before about many inventions and we share and enjoy them today.... the good thing is, the "concept is borne" and many of us might probably not be around to see this work, but I would love to.... someone said, "the future is now, what you do now, makes tomorrow better or bitter"....
+Paul Newon we can already do something very similar to this right now with the Microsoft kinect plugged into a computer :)
I'm picturing how this would work for those who talk with a lot of hand gestures, for those who speak in sign, and for those fapping :P It reminds me of that line "In Soviet Russia, TV watches you"
This is the perfect example of trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I'll stick with a remote. 
I don't think it work I stick with the remote 
Do not want. Then they'll pull the "check how many people are there and charge more" BS they're planning. 
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