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Definitely, because I want to find out how $9 an hour lifts a person out of poverty. maid of the valley

let's get it on Mister President.  Happy Valentine to the Made of the Nation and the Maid of the Rose Garden,    Bring it on Home   yee haa
+Sam Gilley it doesn't it just makes everyone raise prices to cover costs. Lol 
Ah...More Keynesianisms...

So God Made A Liberal...

More Welfare ...Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion

More depressing economic statistics..
Obama's Economic Growth Record Is The Worst In 60 Years
Jason Thompson, already hard at "work" trolling on g+
I went to the above link and I don't see or hear The President.
It's okay +Jason Thompson ...people get busted all the time in this administration and nothing ever happens to them....don't sweat it ...
Get real...nothing he says is worth the air he stole from me to speak it!
Nope.  Why would I want to watch someone lie all the time?
True enough, I watched "W" lie for four years, and he was trying pretty hard.
$9 is a start for what? $9 an hour is a poverty wage. Why wait? Let's make minimum wage $15 an hour. That would be awesome because then America could get a real picture of what real poverty is. We'd get to see real unemployment then. We'd get real Multi generational welfare then. It's not about lifting any one of of poverty. Any one with better than a fifth grade education knows minimum wage laws impact cost of living. Raising minimum wage will grow the numbers of the poverty stricken and that's what Obama really wants.
Hell no I wasted an hr on his shit Tuesday
Washington state has a minimum wage above $9 per hour. The world hasn't ended here. We also have legal weed. Hey America, you're doing it wrong. 
You don't have legal weed... It's still a federal crime... Love Obama.
And Washington State min. Wage is over $9, that's true... For a whole month now. We'll see where your income parity and unemployment are in a year or two.
And Washington is currently in the top 20 worst states by unemployment rate. However, the 85% rule will likely see employment of 14 and 15 years old folk move upward.
+Sam Gilley That is true what you say about weed still being illegal. Federal law trumps state law. However, I think as more and more states legalize weed, the Feds will eventually come around. 
I hope so... the drug war is one of our country's biggest problems.
Check out Anonymous , Feds are slamming the door shut on Colorado @ any other state profiting on weed sales .
What's important about legal weed in Washington is that state law enforcement (the only that exists here) is not going to ticket /fine / imprison anyone that has weed. Anyway you slice it, that's a good thing. Also, as far as WA being highly ranked in unemployment, etc., most likely that is a statistical problem. West of the Cascade mountains things are pretty peachy,lots of industry, fishing, forestry, etc. Eastern washington is mostly desert and is well... not as economically sound. Personally my financial situation changed radically when I left Arizona (where I was essentially begging for scraps) and came up here, where I got paid enough to definitely afford a  non-leaking roof over my head and food in belly. That's all I need, I couldn't get it in AZ. (Which is apparently and ideal environment for conservatives? They LOVE that place!). 
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