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Winestyr, a craft booze marketplace, offers wine “playlists” to help you choose -

Who likes alcohol, we mean wine?
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Really great stuff +TechCrunch . Loved their website and employee bios!

Cool idea...awesome for locally based wineries, as of now, but if overhead costs get too high, it ends up being an easily monopolized marketplace by one guy just offering the biggest selection, and local wineries unable to match price or even afford membership.

Just bought a big bottle of barefoot moscato at wally for under $10 just to try it....its freaking delicious....

I don't know anybody so hardcore with wine that they're willing to buy it over the internet. If what we have here isn't good enough, then they probably should just move.

My wife and I buy our wine online almost exclusively. It's great for discovering new things and the prices are usually much cheaper than any place locally. The only wines we buy in a store anymore are local varieties that are too small to be carried anywhere else. Maybe this will change even that.
i love it...especialy red wine...but my favorit merlot...some time mix with cola....calimocho..spanish people call that drink of red wine mix cola..
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