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My favorite thing to do on my mobile device is _______.
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Flipboard: Browse magazines that I would have never browsed in the real world.
call someone and have a conversation - weird I know
+TechCrunch Creating and editing documents, spredsheets and presentations with full office features, seamless and cloudbased to maybe any cloud provider.
My fart apps. I have every flavor and color.
Flip board google post games. Videos music internet o wait favorite thing lol
Everything from using apps to custom Rom development
Read news feed on flipboard and google current, use g+ and twitter app and read ebook on nexus7
Read news and my favorite forums and much more surfing around. G+ is my latest addition.
+TechCrunch - this is not facebok, you do not need to make those edgerank optimization idiotic updates for fake engangement:)
What are your tricks +Jim Napier to take pics with just a front facing photo? Or are these self portraits? :-) 
Watch por..... Oh, erm? Stay in touch with friends and family via +Google+, twitter, Facebook, Skype and text etc.... Also taking photos ;-)
My favorite thing to do on my mobile device is masturbate
browsing, reading, searching, gaming, navigating- in that order.

The world's information at my fingertips.
Let's see I read emails, manage vendors, post to social media, play games, manage my contacts, bank WHAT don't I do would be a better question.
taking notes, gaming, social networking and nonsense stuffs
Mobile devices are just a fad, I'm not jumping on that band wagon.
listening to music, IMing, and browsing reddit :3
search articles on wikipedia.....
take a pic lol no... 
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