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Irony: facebook asks for your password every time you log in.
+Hashim Ali and that's the reason why they do not want any other to have your personal information. Otherwise they are worthless.
If I was asked for my password on an application, I'd just write on the blanck that it violates my TOS I agreed to with facebook
+Rommel Dominguez Employers were asking for Facebook Login information, so they could fish around in their accounts. this violates the part of the TOS that basically says you're not allowed to allow anyone to access your account but you, or that you're not allowed to access anyone's account but your own. I don't remember exactally. but you get the idea
This is a very useful interview question. You really don't want to hire someone who'd give away a password, any password. Also, it tells you something about how desperate the interviewee is, and their response shows you how assertive they are.
+Stephen Lowe They were asking not for that purpose, but because they wanted to fish around in their account to see all those private posts only friends are allowed to see.
Was this a post to prove that Fa(il)cebook didn't paid to TechCrunch for posting about how shitty could Google be?
Joining Facebook is like joining the mafia: once you're in there is no way out.
+Josué Piña Except in the Mafia, I don't think you're bombarded with endless dopey personal trivia from people who's friend requests you only accepted out of politeness.
+Stephen Lowe I don't know how disturbing could Facebook be. But I'd rather to get a horse head dropped in my bed than tons of shitty ads of things that I don't (need/know/like/want).
Funny, I did not realize Facebook was now a country and thus could draft it's own laws.
Why do employers think that they have the right to request Facebook login credentials. Imagine employees opening your mail?

Imagine if they would have tried to do this with your physical mail. What makes this alright?
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