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Take notice, Foursquare users. Things are about to change. 
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Using "full names" will create the same issues that Instagram created. Remember that 25% of their accounts were deleted over a similar privacy issue.

Pretty sure the Instagram debacle was more so about content ownership than privacy.
Although some people may not be bothered much with these upcoming changes, thank you for posting this up.
foursquare users  have no problem giving away their location information , why whine about full names ?
I'm glad that Foursquare took the time to pull out the major privacy changes as many people opt not to reach the full length version. Transparency is key!
Or... the end of Foursquare.
I´ve been using Google Check-ins for ages.
4sq even says in the email they sent out that you can "always change your 'full name' on their website". There is no forcing use of full name.

Edit - fixed quotation marks and 'us' -> 'is'
This is why you don't use your full name anywhere not needed.
I am looking forward to see how absolutely nothing changes!
Might as well just use Google check-ins.
LuciO M
Always felt FS users were morons. Such a stupid concept. "Mayor"lol. 
So does that mean everyone is going to know I'm the mayor of "Toilet #1" at work?
People get crazy when new privacy policies are announced. Don't like it, don't use it is my rule. I don't see anything wrong with foursquare's plans, though I'd only consider using it though if I owned a nerd-central coffee shop or something.
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