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Dropbox for iOS gets updated with new photo gallery and design -

What do you think?
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Ignored no, this cause the app is easier to develop for 4 screen resolutions than 1000 maybe more and this the proof that a bigger part are lazy ;) and another thing not forget the great app called Drive with max integration in Android OS ;)
Is that a TechCrunch post ? Or a sponsored Dropbox link ? 
Chao Li
All pics will be automatically backed up to google+
Google Drive, what do you have to say about it? 
+Paul ANTONESCU i can say that it is the best cloud drive for docs and similar thing and belive me i tried from box,skydrive to sugarsync and eather ubuntu one But that's my opinion ;)
I just upgrade dropbox yesterday (android ver) I think no difference with ios
I could use thumbnails and all the preview/share features that dropbox provides.
It's pretty confusing with all the picasa Google+ gmail attachments.
Time to make it clear! 
Bu Amel
how i can get it free.?.hoo..ho
Why would someone use it when you have Google Drive and Google+?
I still like Dropbox even though there is Google Drive and Google+ .... never liked all my eggs in one basket ....
ios. is great but it could be better. there is many flaws with it on the enternet. such as websight that has not updated yet
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