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Why cheap cameras are so bad -

Ever wondered what was inside a cheap digital camera?
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what is this fhone or camera..?
Honestly the ratio of megapixel to sensor size is pretty good. If I saw right this was a 2.1MP sensor, and the size of that CCD is absolutely huge compared to what you typically see on 8MP and higher cameraphones. I am in no way suggesting that you'll get good image quality from that thing. What I am saying is that if the same ratio held true for a higher megapixel count, this would be a pretty good sized sensor.

Show something interesting like the insides of a modern dSLR please, those have way more interesting guts.
haber si lo traduces al español por favor alex gracias
Lo siento, pero mi español es horrible. Traductor Google va a ser su mejor oportunidad si quieres una traducción. De hecho, yo solía traducir lo que he escrito aquí. Supongo que la traducción es terrible.
Onix A
Never explained why cheap cameras are bad. The only thing bad here is the article. Must have been a slow news day, thanks for wasting my time ass wipe. 
I make it a point to assume that anything I read on a social networking site is a waste of time. Really helps to keep my temper in check.
+TechCrunch the video on your site is listed as private and can't be viewed. I'm curious and would like to watch it :)
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