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Why the hate?

Any new Tech is good for you!
do you really need to call them glassholes? I personally think that's a rather immature and purposefully spiteful term that basically says you're jealous. They're not rubbing it in your face. They're testing a cool device that someday soon you'll be able to have so that when you have it, it will be fully polished. Would you be calling yourself a glasshole then? I don't see you calling iphone owners sheeple over there....tone down the name calling.
This is why Google gives the Verge the exclusive scoops. Because TechCrunch is trying to fill air and be sensational.
Did we have to fill out an application? I thought making a post with "if i had glass" was enough
In the terms it said they would select 8000 applicants. Great reporting as usual...
TechCrunch is butt buddies with Apple, that's why.
So the girl modeling...who is that?
Did they just said Glassholes? :) TC is compensating something here. Apple just "invented" their watch again. What may apple have in store for us? Will it be the wheel? TC really overstepped a border. That is just insulting. 
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