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So yeah, looks like there’s going to be a Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson movie about life as a Google intern. Who's going to see it when it comes out? -
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Looks like a fun movie :-)
Looks like a Netflix rental. maybe. 
Could this movie and the social network movie be in the realm of tech propaganda? 
Shit! What? This is going to make a lot of people not respect or like Google the same same after this. Horrible idea.
Looks hilarious. Love those guys.
I think they are annoying and their comedy and acting is always the same in every movie... It might as well be Adam Sandler, that's how bad they are. This is a horrible idea.
If its half as good as Dude where's my car then it's very crap indeed.
It's going to be a million times better then dude where's my car. it's going to be hella funny like wedding crashers
Well lets hope for a Will Ferrel cameo then .
Why are caps with propellors on top so popular in America? Is it meant as a joke or do some take it as a serious fashion accessory?!
+Sayth Renshaw Will ferrel is actually listed higher than Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson on the IMDB Cast list. So you know its gonna be good. 
+Ian Mayman
I'm a Googler...and yes we got/wore (for a short time) those hats on our first day.
+Ian Mayman They really are not. They are a cheesy over-the-top visual gag that I have never once seen an instance of in person.

That said, I think Google really did (does?) give them to employees.
myke gd
worth to watch! vince vaughn is funny
myke gd
these guys are hillarious! :D
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