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It looks like iPhone 6 leaks are already starting to surface...
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joo moo
Apple is bigger than Bank of America,
Anything to draw attention away from iPhone 5
What?! You mean they're gonna make ANOTHER IPHONE!?! I DIDN'T KNOW!!


The money train continues. What "revolutionary" feature will they steal from Android this time? Maybe they'll add an extra column of apps this time! OMG!
I'm still waiting for them to release another run of iphone 5's with a bigger screen and a catchy sales gimmick...

Once you use Android, you never want to go back.

Apple users need an intervention.
Will Apple customers have their loans paid off from the last 2 phones by the time the 6 comes out?
I have both..
Apple and android (4s & S3)
Fair enough. I can use what i want..
And most of enjoying both

that awkward moment when your reading all these comments and sending your comment from your iPod...
i want this. really bored with freakin android interface with samsung.
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