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yup. Mobile is not in the Facebook's DNA.
facebook  is crap      too many privacy issues               welcome to G+
And why would Facebook not be able to piggy back on Google voice recognition to do the long query sentences. ..?
On Android that comes built in to the system

Here is a type of Facebook search query all done by voice using google speah recognition:
Tell me all of my friends like sushi around my area


Which ones of my friends like to go to the movie theater on sundays

All done without typing a thing
+Dhruv Bhagat    no   facebook is not unbeatable    fb   is  almost   10 years  old     and   G+   not even   2 years     and  
have   500 million   users             fb  is crap  on   your  privacy     and       G+    is great   on your    privacy
Interesting to see that Graph Search is a potential Desktop revenue booster, even though most of their new users in developed countries use mobile phones as their primary device...
Fb is stupid, waste of time.
FB is going down hill, even if they get more users all the time. It's not the numbers that count. It's the ability to hold on to those who are already there. I think they are loosing it there right now. They lost me a couple of years ago.
Facebook would do well to build a graphical query interface for mobile. It would require much less typing, and forcing a format will assist users in getting relevant results. 
Excellent article. 
If the Android App is any indication as to their dedication to their mobile presence, then I'm not surprised that they aren't bringing this tool to a mobile platform!
Good read. Sounds like the quickest way for FB to close the gap between Google and Apple is to start acquiring companies that can help with voice recognition. 
Hate FB! No you can't sync my contacts!
Facebook doesn't even make a good mobile app, esp on android, let alone good services to go with it. Maybe someday they can roll out a passable Graph Search for iOS. But this type of information gathering and contextualization is something that Android as a platform is already natively good at. Google Now and 3rd-party apps like Dexetra's Friday won't wait for Facebook to begin taking mobile seriously there. 
Good, fuck facebook. I have an idea +TechCrunch Let's talk about the innovations that +Google put out there, which far exceed those of facebook and would be more interesting for those of us that are here to get away from that social network want to read about the growth of +Google+ 
I am a novice when it
Comes to technology
But F. B. Is far too
Involved to learn. I
Latched on to the way of Google with a
Few bumps but have
No problems now.
Facebook keeps putting friends, I do
Not know up everyday and worrying me. If I go
Into F. b., I am immediately lost. I
Can',t even set up a
Profile. From a Real
Novices point of view, it is a bunch of
Mumble Jumble.
All up in yo shhhhhiiiiii..... hmmm no Fb for me.. Too much info.... Face recognition now voice.. Lol spying.. Intrusive. 
I was just thinking about this. Lol 
Its all about twitter , tumblr , instagram & G + ! 
Nimcaan mawaxla la arkikaraa sidan aankujirno
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