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I think its time for UN to intervene and make any technology that is existing and is being researched to be made available to anyone to improve and use .. dissolve all patents and make the companies that exploited tat shitty system to donate half of their profits to the poor people .. else we are all headed towards those typical cinematic post apocalyptic world where evil corporations rule and screw the economy and standards of living .. 
This is going to get so out of hand that the judicial will have little power... so while they have control they should try and nip this in the bad and stop stupid Patents from being granted and braking the system as well companies who have no vested interest in a particular sector owning patents and trolling. 
I don't see why they don't just agree to licensing. Microsoft got in on licensing fairly early. 
They keep fighting and one of them's gonna need "a loan" eventually. ;-) Speaking of "stealing" designs, I wonder when Roku is is going to sue the shit out of Apple for their "original" Apple TV design? Just saying.
in the end, consumers are duped. Either we pay extra in the products so they can sue, or the product doesn't make it to the market...
Now we just need Miss Universe to say that she also wishes "Global Peace" :p
The judge is right! All new inventions are just combinations of things already created. 
Copy, Transform, stated in a speech :)
"Build a better mousetrap". It's the American way.

Not this stuff.
...or even better cats eyes it's the road ahead
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