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I would love to see other colleges break ranks and talk about how they would never do such a stupid stupid thing. But they won't.
Did he continue to exploit the flaws after he reported them?
There's always more to the story
I depends on how the student handles that kind of information.  For example, if he found the flaws and reported them to the appropriate authority in the organization, and then gets expelled for that... that's just plain stupid and wrong.  But if he shared the information, or exploited it in some way, and then was found out, obviously that would be quite different.  What he claims, and what the university claims, in this case, as in all such cases, can not be validated by external parties.  We do not have access to the audit logs to see who is telling the truth.  So, it remains up in the air.  But as a general rule, you don't want to expel students for revealing security flaws if they find them.  That would be like expelling students who alert authorities of a fire trap in their building.
S Mann
In the college's defence "he continued to test the vulnerability.".If that was without consent than he could be liable

However, he had no reason to inform them about the loop in the first place..If its a matter of principle he should have been expelled the first time around.
It's fishy that they would get pissed off the second time.

Bunch of aholes. Where is anon when you need em

He's brown..thus must be a terrorist lol
The school told him not to exploit the vulnerability but he accessed it again just to "check".  Well...
Personally I neither go by what he says or what the school administrators say.  People lie, you know.  I go by the audit logs.  
Higher Education...sure. The Federal government, definitely.
The only ones that can find a Stuxnet are those that dig. It takes and obsessive curiosity  I worked with people like that. While I worked with them I thought they should be fired, but looking back complacency and towing the line looks nice but doesnt get security flaws fixed. 
S Mann
+Brian Choi where does it say he was told not to access it again?
Gross quality will be known amongst your enemies,before ever u meet them.
+S Malik In the actual article.
“Despite receiving clear directives not to, he attempted repeatedly to intrude into areas of college information systems that had no relation with student information systems,”
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