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Micro drones now buzzing around Afghanistan -
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+Cesar Esparza I was just about to post that then I expanded the comments and see you beat me to it. Hilarious!
Shouldn't be showing off our valuble toys... Sooner or later, there will be another enemy to the United States that will have a counter for ALL of our surveillance technology. We need to stop putting out our technology to the masses.
i guess minority report wasn't far off
I wonder how they handle in the wind. I know my RC heli that's the same size gets blown away by the slightest breeze.
Must be indoor use only that small
I'll start worrying when they are smaller than flies...
+Jack Longchamps You say that, but to us that were out there on the battlefield, that eye in the sky is VERY essential and valueble to the mission. Asymmetrical Warfare is the type of warfare that needs top end technology and operators, to save lives in the time of War. 
+Wayne Harris III
Naw, I was just thinking about civilian use - mil is different.
But you know, once the technology is around...
There are a lot of things we don't know about this, but there's one thing I'm pretty sure of... They're almost certainly using way different battery tech than what's in my (very similar looking) little helicopters.  By the time I fly them a couple of times around the livingroom, they're ready for another charge, and that's without powering any sensors.
Well - not sure there is anything more advanced than
Li-Ion at this time - what r u sing ?
The drone seems to be held by a dead man. Pull it from his cold, stiff fingers...
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