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Lars Ulrich, the notorious Napster destroyer, announces his band Metallica’s music is now on Spotify -

Any Metallica fans?
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Great news +Metallica!! I've been waiting to add One to my all-time-favorites playlist for years now :)
I haven't been a Metallica fan since Lars told all us fans how much he hated us.
We fear what we don't understand. Rockstars notwithstanding.
Why are the all walking in such goofy ways?
Legal vs. Illegal.

I guess I'm missing the dichotomy here.
He may very well be a douche. I don't know.

John, Napster was theft so yes, it was bad.
Fuck you Lars Ulrich.... I stopped listening to Metallica when Load came out and I traded it for a Cypress Hill CD
Metallica reached fame by the copying of their first album. Napster was the modern variation of that same thing. Killing Napster effectively made illegal the very thing that "made" Metallica in the first place making the band's actions extreme hypocrisy.

It wasn't the loss of Napster that upset me, I never used the service. At the time, I was still buying CD's. It was Metallica betraying their own heritage that ticked me off and any album they released after that day, to me, simply doesn't exist.

In my mind, Metallica effectively broke up with the exit of Newstead.
In the 80's and 90's? Yes. Now, not so much. That whole concert with an orchestra thing is a prime example of a major shark jump.
Death Magnetic is a good album. I try not to let artist politics interfere with enjoying their art. Sometimes it's hard to avoid, but if I avoided buying/enjoying anything from a brand/artist who's politics I didn't agree with, I'd be living in a cave somewhere watching grass grow and eating berries and grubs.
Maybe he was just tired of being a musty old clown. People can change (or maybe his wife forced him:-))
I didn't even realize metallica was still making music... kinda thought Load killed them
Who cares about artist personality. Their music rocks, and I personally enjoyed the way their music evolved over the years... except for that orchestra crap of course. ;-)
+Matthew Hales Got a link on that? I did some searching and can't even find a mention of that. That's quite an accusation to make.
I would have been so entertained if none of the music streaming companies would work with them after that stunt he pulled.
+Justin Fazekas none of them would be foolish enough to turn away a band like Metallica. It takes a rare internet company to put pride before profit.
Nice one guys, you almost had me for a second.
Also, lest we forget, Metallica performed for a event just recently, so cutting a deal with Spotify is not surprising at all, especially for "aging" rock bands.
James is now a table and Lars is still a douche. Breaking news there.
+Jeff Householder Got a link on what? There was no web (at least not in rural areas) when people were making bootleg copies of Garage Days when I was still in junior high.

And that's not an accusation, it's a flat statement of truth. Metallica's initial fame was created by bootlegging terrible copies of that first, small release full of tape hiss (recordable CD's didn't exist, either, the world was all analog then).

The "wide circulation" of what is referred to as "Ron McGovney's '82 Garage demo" on the following page is the recording to which I am referrering:

I only know about this bootlegging thing because I had a friend who had a terrible copy of the garage demo.
+Matthew Hales That album did not bring them fame. It may have been integral in getting them a shot at getting signed, but I don't think there was any fame involved at the time. 

In any case, "covering" a song is not stealing music. And it is in no way comparable to downloading music from Napster illegally. Almost every band starts with cover songs. And if a cover song is released, it is done with the original artists permission, who are also credited on the album. How is this stealing?

Plus, it was a friggin demo. Not an album. Different. They differ in intent and demos are not typically sold. 
I had a stinky fart at breakfast I enjoyed more than Metallica. Just another sell out douche factory...
+Matthew Hales There was no web at the time of Genghis Khan either, but I can find plenty of information about him online.

Sounds like you just have a personal issue with Lars or you're mad because they tried to stop people who were committing or enabling theft.
He lost me when he started calling them "Tallica"???? Douche 
yep, what a douche
play your f"§$ drums and shut'da'fuck'up
Unforgiven - Too little too late Lars.  
They haven't had a good album in over a decade.  Their last one with Lou Reed was so horrible, it actually made me smile  :)  Sweet revenge.  Lars and Metallica no longer relevant.
I was just looking for Metallica on spotify this morning
The reason they hated Napster is because they couldn't produce an album that people wanted to listen to all the way through anymore, so people would download the one decent track from it, and they weren't making money off it.  Here's an idea: if you can't produce a complete work, it's time to just sit down.  They were musically irrelevant by the mid-90's.  Napster should've been a realization for them.
Randy you hit the nail on the head.
Sure, Metallica has been irrelevant since the 90's.

That's why Spotify had an event to announce Metallica coming to their service.

That's why every album Metallica released, even since the 90's, goes multi-platinum. (The Lulu crap doesn't count. That wasn't a real Metallica album. That was a side project.)

To say they are irrelevant is very ignorant. Just because have issue with them, for whatever reason, doesn't mean there aren't millions of fans that still enjoy them and find them completely relevant.
Oh, so RIAA ratings are valid demonstrations of what's good, now?  Shania Twain went double diamond with "Come On Over"... Britney Spears also went diamond with "Oops!.. I Did it Again" and so did NSync.

Look at the responses to this article and tell me that Metallica still really matters.  It matters to a subset of goth teens who just discovered them and a slightly larger subset of rock fans from the 80's whose musical interests haven't evolved.
What do the following have in common?

Lil Wayne
Kanye West
Destiny's Child
Katy Perry
Christina Aguilera
Chris Brown

A: More gold, platinum, and multiplatinum singles than Metallica.

That's right, a man WHO BEATS WOMEN... nay, a man WHO BEAT A WOMAN WHO IS ALSO ON THIS LIST has more certifications than Metallica.  All of these artists have also been making music for a not insignificant amount of time LESS than Metallica has been trying to make music.

So by your logic, all of these artists are more important to music than Metallica.  ... I might actually think you're right, if that's what you're saying.
+Randy Sherwood agreed... just because they're making pop doesn't make them good/relevant. Just makes them businessmen... unfortunately...

All this article tells me is that Lars & Co didnt burn out their brains in the 80s, and its nothing but business to them. Which isnt news... I've kinda looked at them that way since "Enter Sandman" on MTV. Back when MTV played more music videos than commercials.

Can't fault em for wanting to make a buck, but "Load" was the last of their albums that I bought; and I lost interest (in Metallica) when I realized it was a compilation of inane hook songs and half-ass mastering.

Correction: nobody wanted to spend $15 for a single and a bunch of b-sides.
Who the fuck is "Metallica"? Never heard of and never will.
Lars really f'ed up a perfectly cool band, He snatched defeat from the Jaws of greatness. 
What Spotify needs is a blocking filter, ie the ability to block names of artists of your choosing appearing in your searches eg block Metallica.
I loved Metallica...before they only cared bout money....f u Metallica,
sellout mother fuckers
+Metallica hasn't made anything worth listening to since  the mid 90's.    Let them keep selling out, no one cares about them any more.
Your right...why am I even commenting on this...peace out
"I would if I could"
Glad to see Metallica and the EinterWeebs kissed and made up. Met must need the money. 
Lars is a tired old queen.  And a hypocrite.  And could not put two kick drum beats together without orthopedic shoes.
Just think how popular they would be if they did key people share their music.
+Kristian Wedmark I know what theft is. If you think that someone downloading music for free that was put there by another individual isn't theft, you have some issues with reality. 

Call it piracy, call it whatever you want. It's theft.
well there goes the neighborhood, and oh yeah lars you suck!
The Napster jokes are like going back into a timewarp.
Kind of in the same way most Metallica fans are stuck in a timewarp.
I could easily steal every song they ever made but they suck ass
FUCK YOU LARS!!! you sellout piece of shit.  all you did was prevent teenagers from listening to your music, the same people that made you a millionaire.
Welcome to the 21st century Metallica!  
Too much damage caused already.  I used to like these guys until it was obvious how high they are on themselves.  Hopefully nobody gives a sh*t that they exist anymore.
After being a Metallica fan for years & spending $$$$ on their music & merchandise, I stopped everything Metallica when Lars said he doesn't need us. Even though I had never used Napster. His stupid attitude turned me off.
Who even really cares what Metallica does these days. I gave up on them years ago and they haven't put out a decent album since the black album. 
Funny I remember being in high school and my friends and I buy tab sheets And photocopying them for each other so we could learn to play their songs. I remember really liking the band. I recall when my friend got the Internet and we downloaded our first song and I recall buying albums that summer with money I earned washing dishes at my local pub. I still bought concert tickets, t-shirts, and more music books. I don't blame Lars for wanting to get paid for his craft I do blame him for turning us all into criminals before we have even done anything wrong. This is why he sucks and is the only reason why he is even the slightest bit relevant today.
The last time I saw Lars Ulrich was at the KFC/Taco Bell on Lombard. Leather pants, 500SL and all. 10pm on a Thursday night. True story.
metallica is awesome
As long as they make money they support it. No one should be under any illusion that anyone famous is motivated by anything other than their own wallets. The days of Paul Newman are long spent
When lars and james made the comment that if people can't afford their CDs then they are not people they want as fans I took all my metallica cds, records, and tapes and tossed em. I have not listened to them since.
Back when their movie was in the previews in theaters (back during a Matrix or LotR film) we watched the trailer and at the end it said, see it at a theater near you.  A guy in the audience yelled out, why when I can down load it free off napster!
So we can listen to another piece of crap that they put out?  Done with Metallica, they can be all of the tables they want I'm not listening to their garbage anymore.  Do yourself a favor and listen to some well produced music by a person who was the REAL artistic talent in the band and search for Megadeth instead on spotify. 
...and the fans contributed everything to Metallica's success, so they should be grateful.
Brian, anyone who speaks blasphemy about Metallica deserves to socially shunned... 
All I have to say to that is.....I AM THE TABLE! 
ok... what ever helps you sleep
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