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More adwords advertisers and Google+ users, of course!
Stuff like Google Glass is going to be hard to sell without a good place to demo it. The whole Nexus line would probably do better if more people had a chance to check them out.
It hopes to gain money smh ....who asked this question? 
I would so visit a Google store!
It's for those of us who are tired of seeing Apple dominate the "Accessories" department of every Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and every other chain dept store. A place where I can find all my device accessories, instead of ordering online. Not to mention the fact that it would probably take out the Microsoft store. Probably will be the most serious threat to the Apple store.
I hope Google doesn't build stores.  I would rather buy online, with poor customer support, and continue getting the big discount that comes with.
Improved distribution, tighter control over merchandising and the shopping experience, and a new face to offline customers.
More awareness for the Nexus and Chromebook brand.
Costumer service options hopefully!
Greater control of distribution and product.
I think this is the natural next step for Google if it continues to invest in Android and ChromeOS as a design-centric platform. One of the things Apple figured out is that if design matters, people need to get their hands - physically - on your product. It took MSFT a while to figure that out, and now it's Google's turn. I imagine this will be more similar to the Microsoft Store than Apple however, due to the multitude of Android / ChromeOS device manufacturers.  

I think they'll do well at this. Your parents will have their Apple Store, business wonks have their Microsoft Store, and the nerds will have their Google Store; and never the three shall meet. 
To me Google has been ahead of any natural step and always a step ahead. A chromebook is tops to me I am so sick of updates so maybe local retail is needed for chromebook but so many retail places are going down the tubes--does Google need any more control BTW I like Apple also
There are no reasons to NOT set up retail.  The retail will serve as a brand extension.  Proposed legislation to require online sales tax collection is the allegedly equalizing the playing field according to brick and mortar.  This too is a natural progression.  Should Google need to collect sales tax in the event of a physical presence, they should just set up shop and sell some toys as well.
+Michael Meehan The fact is design does matter. What it looks like feels like matters to so many consumers which is why store-rooming kills so many local retail sales although I could not find a better buy on a laptop or desktop I wanted except local and I do not get all bent over sales tax I get bent over income tax. I think Google will bring great products to the masses who do not know them now.
Mark R
Their Share of I PAD, POD, TABLETS. an Technology Experience Store. COOL.
Here's a question: in 5 years, how many urban/suburban areas will essentially be wifi-ed? In 5 years, will cellphone operators continue to subsidize $500 handsets, especially if data and calls are carried over wifi..... ? maybe Google has asked those questions and this is part - and only part - of their answer.....?
I'm all for competition. It's good for the consumer.
I honestly feel this would be a fabulous move for Google to give new live into our local shopping malls. Apple and Microsoft Store have done it in their styles. When I was a kid, they had multiple toy stores and book stores in shopping malls. So with Internet being the new universal medium for us, then Google is the most perfect candidate for retail! Remember "Warner Brothers Store"? It was launched in a few markets when Disney Store first opened their retail doors everywhere. I loved Warner Brothers store! I would walk into this huge oasis with floor to ceiling flat screens showing clips of Superman & Batman and Looney tunes shorts as I shopped. I purchased sweaters, keychaines, toy statues, and I loved every minute of it. Then Warner just closed all their doors, I guess because the expenses were too high to operate in relation to the retail money coming in. Retail is a risky business and I hope Google will thrive. Let's face it - virtually all of us proudly uses Google in our lives from a basic Google search to Gmail to YouTube and of course, since you're seeing this post, G+! Go get'm Google!
I think it would be smart to add a whole Google section to the inside of Radio Shack. Pay for the space and take advantage of Radio Shack locations all across the country. I could see a flagship store in San Francisco and only one in each metro area that would make sense. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orange County, CA. Dallas, Chicago. 
It just seems like a wag the dog idea to me.  People don't go to a Google store to fire up their imaginations about what they can do with all the openness and open-sourceness of Google products.  They are attracted to Google products because their imaginations are fired up already.
Makes sense...where else do you think you will get fitted for Google Glass? Your eye doctor will not be doing it; you will be at the mall, having a Google Coffee at the Google Store. 
Google can sell AdWords toilet paper for free and make a ton of money on advertising.
Perhaps money but Google should be praised for daring to spend big on pie in the sky projects. Apple should try a little harder to impress us don't you think?
+Jay Westerdal That's a crappy idea! ;)
 I could wipe my shiny ass with almost any company! Woohoo, finally I could show them my butt!
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